Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is a pretty good web browser. However, it depends on the user how he/she is using it. If you have mistakenly installed tons of extensions or visited such websites those can waste your time a lot, you are in big trouble. There are many people, who often visit a website like YouTube or Facebook and spend the rest of the day on such websites instead of doing something important that he/she should do. Therefore, these Google Chrome extensions will help you get rid of online distractions.

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

There are countless extensions you can test before opting for certain tools. However, these are some of the best extensions you can try.

If you open a new tab page in Google Chrome, you can find several things. For example, you can find mostly viewed websites/web pages with icon alongside a big Google search box, bookmark bar with all the bookmarks, direct link to open several Google apps like Gmail, Images, Drive and so on. If you think these things making you lazy and wasting your valuable time, you can certainly disable this page and get a blank new tab page instead.

1] Blank New Tab Page

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

For that, you can use this simple extension called Blank New Tab Page, which is available in Chrome Web Store for free. It doesn’t need much knowledge to install and use. Therefore, just head over to the official download page and install the extension in Google Chrome.

2] Empty New Tab

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

Empty New Tab extension does the same job as the Blank New Tab Page. Although it has not been updated for a long time, you can still use it to get your job done. The size of this extension is very small and you can use it with the latest version of Google Chrome without any problem. Being said that, you can find a blank new tab page after installing this extension in Google Chrome.

We use websites because we can open them. If you have determined that do not want to open a particular website but you end up opening that in your computer, there is a trick to get rid of that. You can block that website in Google Chrome. There are several extensions available in Chrome Web Store and some of them are mentioned below.

3] StayFocusd

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

I personally am a big fan of this simple yet very handy Chrome extension that has been helping me to increase your productivity for a long time now. Although it’s been almost ten months since it has not got any update, it is fully compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome. What it does is quite interesting. You will get several options to perform a certain thing. For instance, you can completely block a particular website or you can set the timer on any website. Let’s assume that you want to use Facebook or YouTube for 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day. At such moment, you can use StayFocusd Chrome extension to set that up. It has more other options. However, you need to through one by one to get them all.

4] Site Blocker

As the name suggests, you can block a particular website permanently with the help of Site Blocker Chrome extension. This is a very simple extension and you do not have to spend a lot of time to get started with it. You can include a website link by opening the corresponding settings page or you can directly visit a website and the Block this site option from right-click context menu.

5] Block Site

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

Another useful extension that will let you block any website in just one click. Block Site is comparatively good looking and it comes with several options. You can block a bunch of websites in one click. Apart from that, you can set it up according to your requirements.

On Facebook, people waste a huge amount of time. Do you know how? They just keep scrolling hours after hours. As Facebook uses “infinite” scrolling functionality, users can just keep scrolling to check the next update. To stop that, there is an extension.

6] Scroll Stop

Best Chrome Extensions to Get Rid of Online Distractions

The extension is called Scroll Stop and it works fine with the latest version of Google Chrome. You can set how many times you can scroll on a particular website. After that limit exhausts, you will have a couple of options. You can either close that tab or turn that tab into a blank page or redirect that tab to some other page. It does the job pretty well but you need to set it up right after installing.

Like Facebook, YouTube is another time killer and chances are you are already using it for a huge amount of time. Therefore, you can use this following extension to get rid of YouTube addiction.

7] DF Tube

DF Tube or Distraction Free for YouTube is a beautiful Chrome extension that might help you reduce all the clutter from YouTube. It is capable of hiding several features of YouTube so that you can just watch a particular video and close that tab right after finishing. It can block feed, recommended videos, disable autoplay, hide trending tab, subscription tab, related videos, side, comments and so on. You need to set it up after installing the extension in Google Chrome.

These are some of the best Google Chrome extensions to get rid of the online distraction. Hope they will help you a lot.

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