Best Hidden iOS 12 Features You Should Know About

Apple has recently launched iOS 12, and you can download it on your iPhone without any problem or further delay. If you have been using the BETA version, you might know that Apple has included a lot of new features in the iOS 12. Although they are small those are new functionalities added to the system. However, if you have just installed iOS 12 or updated your mobile to that particular version, you might know to find them all at once. Therefore, this article will let you find out all the hidden iOS 12 features those you should know about.

Best Hidden iOS 12 Features

Best Hidden iOS 12 Features

1] Notification Control

At the first attempt, you might not find anything new. However, if you get a lot of notifications, you can find it very handy. There is a new option included in the system, and that is called Notification Grouping. In simple words, this feature will let you group all the similar app’s notifications in your status bar. For example, you have got ten notifications from Facebook, three emails and five Instagram notifications. At such moment, it will group notifications by app. Therefore, you can find a clean status bar. This option is turned on by default. However, if it is deactivated in your system, you can enable it from Settings > Notifications. In this page, you can find out an option called Notification Grouping. Choose Automatic from the drop-down menu.

2] Use Measure

Apple always includes some new app as well as a feature. This time you can find an app called Measure. As the name suggests, you can measure the distance of an object. Let it be a cat’s height or trackpad’s area or anything else. Everything can be done with the help of this newly included app. For your information, this app uses AR or Augmented Reality to measure everything. This is also possible to choose two different points and measure the distance accordingly.

3] Automatic Location Sharing

In the US, you have an emergency number called 911. You can dial that number for various emergency services. That is not new. But Apple has included a new feature that will share your location automatically with the corresponding authority. That happens because your iPhone turns on the location service automatically. Therefore, you no longer have to share your location manually, and you will end up getting faster service from them. However, we are not sure whether it works in other countries or not.

4] Scan QR Code

Around 2010, the QR code was a huge hit, and people used it for sharing information, companies used it for security purposes and so on. However, now only a few companies and people are using it on a daily basis. If you often need to scan a QR code every day and you have an iPhone running iOS 12, you can easily do so with the help of inbuilt QR code reader. After installing iOS 12, you can find a new QR related button in your Control Center. However, if you haven’t got it, you can go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Here you can find an option called Scan QR Code. Toggle the button to add it to your Control Center. Following that, you can use that direct option to scan and everything.

5] Add Second Face to Face ID

Apple introduced Face ID with the launch of iPhone X. The same thins is included in the recently launched iPhones as well. If you have an iPhone X or later, you can now add two different faces to your Face ID. Previously it was possible to add only one face. However, now you can include your partner’s face, use another person’s face as a temporary lock and so on. To add that, you can go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Following that, you will get an option called Se up an Alternate Appearance. Therefore, you need to provide it the secondary face.

6] Synchronize Voice Memo

On iPhone, you can record a voice memo. That was it. However, now you can record and synchronize voice memo through iCloud so that you can find all of them on various devices running the same iCloud account. For example, you have recorded something with your iPhone and you want to send it to your MacBook. At such moment, you can simply use this iCloud synchronization option.

7] Third-Party App Support in Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay allows you to synchronize your car’s display with your iPhone or any other iOS device. If you have a car with Apple CarPlay support and you want to use Google Maps or something like that, you can do so. Previously, it was limited to Apple Maps only. However, if you do not like Apple Maps or you want to use Google Maps for any reason, you can certainly do that with the help of this newly added functionality.

There are more other minor things those have been included in the system. However, you need to use it for a couple of days before being familiarized with it.

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