5 Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

You know Microsoft Edge supports extensions, don’t you? For many years, Microsoft only has Internet Explorer as their default browser. We all hated it.

Then came Microsoft Edge with Windows 10. Along with the OS, the browser became popular. It didn’t have support for extensions from the day one. But they went on giving extension support later.

In this article, you are going to get a few best extensions for Edge browser.

So, shall we move on to the core of this post? Here you go!

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

edge extensions

I have compiled a list of best extensions for Microsoft Edge browser, which you can read below. All the items you see here are handpicked by me.

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#1. Save to Pocket

I hope you know about Pocket application. Every day, we come across so many online articles. The sad part is we don’t get enough time to read all of them. That’s why you should install Save to Pocket extension on your Edge browser.

What it does is saving the page for offline use. You can install the app on your phone and sign into your account to sync the saved pages.

The best thing about it is you can read it on any device at any time.

Install Save to Pocket

#2. Mouse Gestures

If you are a power mouse user, you will love this. Mouse Gestures is an extension for Microsoft Edge that enables gestures using mouse on the browser.

Once you install this extension, you can perform different gestures using mouse to do tasks quickly. In order to make your computer prepared for gestures, you have right-click on the page.

There are more than a dozen tasks you can do with this extension.

Install Mouse Gestures

#3. LastPass

Do you have a lot of passwords to remember? I know how tedious it is. Most of you use remember password feature on browsers to avoid the hassle.

What if you accidentally clear it? I know exactly how you feel! There comes the importance of a password manager. LastPass is so far the best password manager you can get.

If you used it on any other browser, you wouldn’t find any difference with it on the Edge browser as well.

Your vault contains all your information; usernames and passwords.

Install LastPass

#4. Office Online

You know what? You can create office documents online using this extension for Edge. The extension is officially developed by Microsoft itself.

Along with Edge, you can install this on your Chrome browser as well.

The extension helps you view, edit and create word, power point and excel documents on the go. I recommend you install the extension if you don’t like the sized offline software pack.

Install office Online

 #5. OneNote Web Clipper

Do you use OneNote? It is one of the best note taking application available for Windows. Using this extension, you can capture an entire page or specific parts and add texts.

It also allows you to send your notes directly to One Drive. The extension is smart enough to identify an article, product or recipe.

The extension syncs all your clips to your devices within no time.

Install OneNote Web Clipper

Wrapping Up

You have got five of the best Microsoft Edge extensions.

Do you use Edge? If you do, what are the extensions you installed? Have you used any of the extensions I have shared here?

Drop your thoughts and feedbacks in the comment section. You can leave your doubts regarding this as well.

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