Best Spending Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

If you are getting some problems in the finance sector at the end of every month, you should know your spendings. Having a mobile makes things easier since you can install these spending tracker apps on your Android and IOS mobile. You can use a notebook to track all the spendings over the month, but that is old school and very time consuming work. That is why you should check out these spending tracker apps that are available for Android,iPhone, and iPad. Some of these following tools are paid, and some of them are free, but this is recommended to check all of them out so that you can know about the best app for you.

Best Spending Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

1] Mint – Android, iOS

Best Spending Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

Mint is one of the best finance apps that is compatible with Android as well as iOS. You can manage the bill and your money from the same place so that you can keep an eye on everything. In other words, you can bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments, etc. The best thing about this tool is that you can create a budget. The user interface of Mint is pretty good, and you should not have any problem while using it for the first time, as well. Talking about the compatibility, you need Android 5.0 or later version and iOS 10.0 or later version. For your information, you can download it for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Download: Android, iOS

2] QuickBooks – Android, iOS

QuickBooks is something you might like to use when you want to manage accounts of your small business and your personal banking. Those things always create a mess and consume a lot of time every month. Therefore, if you do not like to go through all these messes, you should check out this app called QuickBooks. Talking about some specific features, you should check the following list-

  • Mileage tracking
  • View your profit and loss
  • Categorize monthly expenses
  • Open and overdue invoices
  • Invoice generator
  • Save tax
  • Review bank transactions
  • Add new customers
  • Customize sales and invoices

There are more other features, but you need to use it to get them all. Regarding compatibility, you need iOS 11.2 or later version and Android 5.0 or later version.

Download: Android, iOS

3] Expensify – Android, iOS

Expensify is a simple application that helps you track day-to-day expenses so that you can create a monthly budget within moments. If you want to know about the functionalities of this application, you can check this list out-

  • Track expenses
  • Submit receipts
  • Mileage tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Credit card import
  • Candidate reimbursement
  • Accounting integrations

Talking about the accounting integrations, you can import data from other apps such as QuickBooks. The user interface of Expensify is neat and clean so that you can find everything effortlessly whenever needed. You can download it for free, but you need iOS 10.0 or later version and Android 5.0 or later version. This is a completely free app, and there is no in-app purchases.

Download: Android, iOS

4] Clarity Money – Android, iOS

Best Spending Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

As the name suggests, Clarity Money can help you make a clear budget. This is possible to track every transaction through your bank account. The best thing about this application is that it has a wide range of banking support so that you do not need to opt for another app for the same job. Related to features and options, you need to check the below list-

  • Organize your bills
  • Automatic expense tracking
  • Cancel subscription from the app
  • Budget tracking
  • Expense management
  • Debt and investment tracking
  • Link your financial accounts

And many more. As it uses Artificial Intelligence, you will get a better view and functionality while using this utility. To install this app, you do not need to spend money. However, you need to have iOS 11.0 or later version and Android 5.0 or later version.

Download: Android, iOS

5] Wallet – Android, iOS

This tool has a simple name, but you can find some essential features that is not available in most of the other apps. For example, you can link your bank account to this application and track all the expenses easily. On the other hand, you can synchronize your account across multiple devices so that you can check the same thing effortlessly. This is possible to list down every spending based on categories like Garments, Rent, Grocery, etc. This is also possible to synchronize your credit card and multiple bank accounts. The Wallet is compatible with Android as well as iOS. For your information, you must have Android 4.4 or later version and iOS 10.0 or later version.

Download: Android, iOS

6] Personal Capital – Android, iOS

Personal Capital is a budget maker app for mobile for them, who are in a pretty good position, and you want to get to a better place in the finance field. It helps you get a chart with your spending so that you can know where your money is going and how you can deal with them. Like any other standard spending tracker app, you can synchronize multiple bank accounts to make the budget. On the other hand, it shows your assets as well as liabilities based on your expenses. The user interface of Personal Capital is pretty good. The only problem is that you must have to set things separately and manually. Regarding the availability, you need Android 4.4 or later version and iOS 10.0 or later version.

Download: Android, iOS

There are more other spending tracking and budget apps for Android and iOS. However, you must choose an app that has all the essential features as these apps do.

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