Best Stock Photography Sites for Writers, Bloggers, and Advertisements 

In these present days, a lot of people are trying to be an online writer, blogger and ad network personal. It doesn’t matter what you do online; you should always use attractive photographs so that you can use more people towards to work. For images, you cannot just use any image from Google Images since there is a lot of copyright laws around those images. Capturing screenshots and using them with your work may get you into trouble. Therefore, there are tons of stock photography sites for writers, bloggers, as well as advertisement personals. Some of them are free, and some of them paid stock photography sites. However, you can use them on any sites, commercial as well as non-commercial purposes.

Best Stock Photography Sites

1] Shutterstock 

Best Stock Photography Sites

What you cannot find on Google Images, you can find that on Shutterstock. Shutterstock is probably the most popular stock photography site out there, which is being used by thousands of websites, companies, advertisements personals and so on. It doesn’t matter why you need an image, you can definitely find at least ten images based on your query on Shutterstock. From computer images to portraits, you can find anything on this website. However, this is not a free website and you need to have good amount of dollars to purchase an image from Shutterstock. Not only images but also you can find vectors, illustrations, footage, etc. Another essential thing is you can find Music on Shutterstock as well.

2] iStockPhoto 

Best Stock Photography Sites

iStockPhoto is yet another awesome stock photography site out there. Like Shutterstock, you can find almost anything on this website. There is a lot of similarities between iStockPhoto and Shutterstock and pricing are one of them. For purchasing images from this website, you need credit and this is much expensive to have a credit. You need to spend Rs. 710 per credit. However, your money will be well spent if you buy image using your credit because every top-notch image is available on iStockPhoto. Not only photographs, but also you can find illustrations, videos, as well as audios on this website.

3] Getty Images 

Best Stock Photography Sites

Getty Images is probably the most expensive stock photography website out there but all the images are well captured and tweaked. You can also find country-specific images on this website. Therefore, if you need a football related image, you can opt for the American website. If you need soccer related image, you can go to UK based website. For a general purpose, you can open the standard version of Getty Images and start using it according to your wish. From 4K videos to image – everything is available on Getty Images. There is no daily or month usage or download limit once you purchase a PAID account. Their pricing is quite complicated, and if you get any problem to understand it properly, you can call their customer service number since they are really helpful.

4] Fotolia 

Best Stock Photography Sites

When you need illustrations or various templates over image, you can open the Fotolia website and purchase anything according to your requirements. You can find image, video, template etc. The highlight of this website is you can get 3D images, templates, videos etc. According to the official statement, it has more than 119 million royal-free images, vectors and videos. Chances are you can find your specific image within moments on Fotolia website. Just enter a keyword and choose a category among Image, Video, Illustration, Vector, etc. Following that, you would get your result on your screen and you can purchase that anytime for any kind of usage.

5] 123RF 

Best Stock Photography Sites

As the name defines (Royalty-Free), you can find a lot to royalty-free images on 123RF website. Although they are the freely available on their website, you can purchase them by spending a couple of dollars. The website looks pretty good with custom designing, you can also find some good looking top-notch images on 123RF website. Apart from photographs, you can download vector, illustrations, footage as well as audio files. All of them are royalty-free and you can use them anywhere you want. Just open up the website, enter your keyword based on your requirement, find out the image you want to download and click the purchase button accordingly.

6] Flickr 

Best Stock Photography Sites

You might be thinking that I am wrong since all the images of Flickr are copyrighted. Well! Not 100% of their images are copyrighted. You can still find some royalty-free image on Flickr website. However, you need to make a search very specifically. There are few types of licenses and they are as follows;

  • All creative commons
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Modifications allowed
  • Commercial use & mods allowed
  • No known copyright restrictions
  • U.S. Government works

You can choose any license based on your wish and find out a good-looking image right away. This is free. So, you should expect to get a lot of good-looking top notch images on this website.

7] Pixabay 

Best Stock Photography Sites

Who doesn’t like to get something for free? If you do like to, you can open up the Pixabay website and start searching for a good-looking image. Chances are you might get one image based on your requirements. A lot of free images are available on this website and you can use them without any copyright restriction. Although a CREDIT is good but that is not mandatory as well. Not only photographs but also, you can find illustrations, videos, etc. According to the official statement, it has more than 1.4 million images on their servers and people are uploading their work every day.

8] Pexels 

Best Stock Photography Sites

Pexels is much like Pixabay since you can find a lot of free images on their website and you can use them for any purpose including commercial and non-commercial. From technology to mobile to cooking to sports, you can find an image on their website within moments. Modifications are also allowed. Therefore, you can turn a downloaded image into something new according to your skill and requirements. This is possible to find an image by keyword or also by colour. This is a unique functionality, and it makes the website unique as well. You can download images in very high resolution as well as any custom resolution. For that, you need to choose a height and width before downloading.

That’s all! These are some of the best free and paid stock photography websites out there. There are many more sites, but these sites are richer regarding quality and quantity.

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