Best Web Clipper Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the best web browsers out there those comes with extension or add-on installation capability. In our busy schedule, we need to use a reminder and note-taking app – it doesn’t matter what device you use. If you use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox a lot and you want to take notes frequently, do check out these web clipper extensions for these browsers. Some of these web clipper tools can be synchronized with various cloud storage, and some of them are linked with an online service to manage notes accordingly.

Best Web Clipper Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

1] OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper Best Web Clipper Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

OneNote Web Clipper is one of the best web clipping software that comes with OneNote integration so that you can save and synchronize notes across devices. OneNote is free, and you do not have to pay for the extension or add-on as well. That means you can download OneNote Web Clipper is available for Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. In simple words, you should find these options in this tool:

  • Clip any webpage to OneNote with just one click
  • Capture the full page or just the parts you want to keep. We’ll make them all searchable in OneNote.
  • Send your clips to any OneDrive or OneDrive for Business notebook, including shared notebooks. They’ll sync to all your devices, instantly.
  • OneNote Web Clipper is smart. When it detects an article, recipe, or product, it will clear away the clutter and show you a preview.
  • Every clip will include the site URL, so it’s easy to return to the original web page if you ever need it.
  • View your clipped page in OneNote Online with just one click from the OneNote Web Clipper

Download: For Chrome, For Firefox

2] Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is another awesome web clipping extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The user interface of Evernote Web Clipper is pretty good and much better than anything else available in this category. Talking about features, you will get these:

  • Save web pages and easily organize them in Evernote.
  • Clip just the article you want, or selected text and images.
  • Simplify an article with one click for a beautiful reading experience.
  • Make better bookmarks. Clip the main image and a brief excerpt along with the url.
  • Save PDFs you view online directly to your Evernote account.
  • Annotate screenshots with text, shapes, arrows, and stamps.
  • Use the highlighter to draw attention to any text in the webpage or a screenshot.
  • Share pages with Work Chat to get feedback and collaborate.
  • Post your clips to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Copy and share a link to your clip.
  • Email the clip or annotated page with friends and colleagues.

Download: For Chrome, For Firefox

3] Google Keep

Google Keep Best Web Clipper Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

It doesn’t matter whether you create a list of best notes taking apps or to-do list apps, you can certainly find Google Keep in the list. Google Keep is one of the best in this category. This is simply because of the ease of access, features, user interface, and the company behind the development. For your information, this tool is being developed by Google, and you should not worry about the security and all. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Web version of Google Keep or Android version, you can find the same user experience. When you save a note in the Google Keep, it will be synchronized with all the devices you have Google Keep installed, and that is the advantage of using Google Keep.

4] Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket Best Web Clipper Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Like Google Keep, Save to Pocket is available for Google Chrome only. Although you cannot save everything in Pocket, this is still quite useful among them, who often read various websites. There are many people, who read news on a daily basis on their computer or laptop. If you are one of them, who read such thing but often do not get much time to continue reading, you can try using Pocket, where you can save favorite or interesting web page link. To be more specific, you can find these features:

  • One-click saving of any page with the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut
  • Right-click menu item to save any link, no need to load the page first
  • Quickly add tags
  • See related recommendations when you save to Pocket
  • Syncs across all devices – iPhone, iPad, Android and more
  • Completely free, upgrade anytime to Premium for a more powerful Pocket experience

5] Notebook Web Clipper

Notebook Web Clipper is associated with Zoho, and that is the reason people love it so much. Zoho is popular for their email service and Microsoft Office alternatives, and the same company has developed this web clipping add-on. The user interface of Notebook Web Clipper is pretty good, and you should not get any problem while using it for a long time. All the essential options are available in this tool. The best thing is you can synchronize clipped pages and notes across multiple devices. However, you need to have an account to get all the features included in this tool.

Download: For Chrome, For Firefox

6] Diigo Web Collector

Diigo Web Collector is yet another pretty good web clipping software available for Google Chrome only. The bad news is Firefox users cannot get benefits from this extension. However, the good news is you can use it to get a good reading environment apart from getting a web clipping tool. The user interface of this tool is much better than some of the tools above, and that is what makes it unique. Talking about specific features, you will get these in this tool:

  • Bookmark links to archive webpages or to read later
  • Attach highlights & stickies to a webpage as a reminder
  • Share pages with annotation via Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz
  • Create groups to pool findings, share resources or curate content

As the app is available for Android and iOS, you can synchronize your clippings across multiple devices as well.

These are some of the best web clipper extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Considering everything, you can install Evernote Web Clipper or OneNote Web Clipper.

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