Build your Own Computer and with a Kano Kit @ $149

It started with a dream and the dream was to enable you to build your own computer with less bucks. Education for all sounds really funny on those corners of this earth where a full square meal for a single belly is a luxury. Everyday, our world is getting smarter dealing with these hurdles where technology is turning questions into answers. Likely, cheap computers and their manufacturers have been trying to deliver a ‘new low price’ every single time they launch a new product.

Kano shares the same dream. It’s a startup who have assembled some of the the key hardwares of a computer in their kit and you can have it  at $149, which is pretty less than a regular pc. The kit wraps a latest model of Raspberry Pi, a useful manual, a keyboard with a built in touchpad, a 8GB sd card with a preloaded Kano OS, case, stickers, cables and a Wi-Fi dongle. SO, every spices are there in the box for you to be a child again. Simply, fire up your imagination, what you want it to do?

Raspberry Pi- the brain


The Raspberry Pi, Model B, is the devil’s brain behind your every creation with Kano. It gets the power from a ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM, the latest available on the market today. Factually, Raspberry Pi has been the sole backbone of many spellbinding open sourced projects across the planet. Truly, people have chased their weird dreams with it. Now, with Kano Kit, it has gone more interesting.

A customized Keyboard


It’s the wireless joystick for you to master your coding skills. It’s beautifully designed for a skilful obedience. Type, navigate and also use it as a game controller. This keyboard connects wirelessly with Kano computer through the wifi dongle provided within the package. It’s also bluetooth enabled. You can use the keyboard singularly with any bluetooth enabled devices. So, you are on Kano or not, making fun never stops.

Shape your dreams


Game lover? Do not build your own computer only, make your own rules also while you play Pong, Snakes or Minecraft on it. Basically, it’s a computer powered by Raspberry Pi with which you can build elementary games like pong and snake, make HD videos and music and astonishingly, a wireless server.

If coding had been your passion yet to be fulfilled, it’s the time. Learning new codes is a pure fun with Kano. Its preloaded with Scratch, Codecademy and Linux Shell. Added to this, If you want to dig further, download Kano’s latests from their web.Just, bring in a Kano and take the first step to satisfy the 10 years old in you. Believe me, he will never grow older. Am I missing something on the list? Fairly, possible. Shape your dream with Kano. It’s an open source endeavour.

An endeavour is noble and the best when it focuses to lift up the spirits of those people who have fallen behind both economically and geographically. Personally, Kano is not just a startup, it’s a commitment. The non profit Kano academy has already started shaping this world as an equal privileged place for all. You can always make them stronger or spread their words.

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