How to Create Sweepstakes Contest Online with your own Amazon Giveaway Tool? has recently launched its own Amazon Giveaway tool that enables any website owner having an Amazon account to create their own Sweepstakes contest or Giveaway contest online. It is great to see a brand name like Amazon provide such a useful giveaway hosting tool that will make it really easy for webmasters as far as promotional offers are concerned.

In this article, we shall go through the features of Amazon Giveaway tool and understand how it can be used to create our own Giveaway online! Currently, this tool is available only for US residents.

Amazon Giveaway

What are Giveaways and their benefits?

A giveaway is a unique way of keeping our customers / readers engaged on our blog or website through promotional offers on our products / services. It could help any website owner to bring unique traffic resulting in an increase in the existing site traffic. At the end of the day, any website owner or blog owner wants traffic to his / her site to generate revenue through ads or by selling products or for brand promotion.

How to create a new Giveaway using Amazon Giveaway tool?

First, you need to make sure you have an account. You simply need to make a choice of prizes you want to include in the giveaway. Of course, you need to select these prize items from Amazon portal and the maximum allowed prizes as of now is 50. The items eligible for giveaways contain a separate section below individual product listing customer review.

Amazon Giveaway Setup

Also, you need to make sure that the total worth of the prizes doesn’t exceed $5000. You just have to select the prizes and pay for them. Rest of the stuff like shipping prizes, notifying winners, tax reporting, etc. is handled by Amazon itself.

Amazon Giveaway Creation Steps

You can start this giveaway setup process using the two-step wizard. Once the process of activating the giveaway contest is done, you will receive an email containing link to your created giveaway contest. You can then share this link with the world with a small contest announcement on your blog or website.

The two methods for your Sweepstakes contest are: ‘Lucky Number’ method (where a particular number participant would be the winner; the number is selected by you) and ‘First-come First-served’ method (the early bird participants win free goodies). Basically, this Giveaway creation process is a straight-forward one where most things are handled by the online retail player (Amazon) itself.

From the perspective of participants, they will come to know of the Giveaway contest through some announcement on social media or even the main site. They can also search for #AmazonGiveaway on the Amazon website to check for existing giveaway offers. The best part for them is immediate results as soon as they enter into the contest. Thus, participants will instantly know if they have won something or not. If they have won any prize, Amazon shipping service will deliver the prize directly to the prize recipient.

Advantages of creating your own Giveaway using Amazon Giveaway?

You can be innovative and use this contest to increase your social media following by placing a condition like only those who follow you on Twitter will be considered for the Giveaway contest. This is a nice little trick to increase your Twitter followers online. You can try Amazon Giveaway with Twitter Follow feature here.

Amazon Giveaway with Twitter Follow

Another major benefit you get is the trust of people because of the involvement of a brand name like Amazon. It is not easy to get unknown people participate in contests on your site, but, with Amazon coming into picture, it does become a tad easier.

How to download the Amazon Giveaway tool?

One can easily access the tool at: Free Access to Amazon Giveaway

I am sure this new tool from Amazon is going to be a hit with most webmasters as long as they know how to use it in the best possible manner. Please feel free to share your experience of using this amazing tool to running promotional giveaway campaigns!

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