How to Embed Facebook Videos And Photo Albums In WordPress

Facebook does not provide any embed code for photo albums, individual photos or videos. The privacy setting of a particular photo may be private or public but if you want to embed Facebook photos and videos on your blog, you have to manually generate the embed code and paste it in the source of your site.

Another good alternative would be  using Facebook badges, this is an official tool by Facebook which lets you embed Facebook photos anywhere with a nice iframe embed code. But such is not the case with videos that are shared on Facebook – you can not get the embed code of any video which either you have uploaded to your Facebook profile or which was shared by any of your friends.

Some days back we have shared a simple trick to embed Facebook videos in a blog or website. In case of photo albums or individual photos, you may simply change the visibility setting as public, grab the URL of the image and insert it in your blog posts or in your site’s template.

However, Facebook Embed is a simple WordPress plugin which will let you embed Facebook photos, albums and videos in your blog posts and pages.

Embed Facebook Photos And Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

Once the plugin is installed, all you have to do is copy the URL of the Facebook video page and paste the URL in the body of your blog post. The plugin works with Facebook videos, photos as well as photo albums – just get the URL of the Facebook object and the plugin will embed it for you.

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