How to Enable Night Shift and Low Power Mode Together on iOS

Apple has launched iOS 9.3 few days ago with so many awesome features. Two of the most awesome features are Night Shift and Low Power Mode, which help users to get better battery backup as well as better user experience. Both of the features are equally useful for any iOS user. You know that iOS is one of the most popular platforms and people are using it because of having so many wonderful features and apps. However, if you are using iOS 9.3, you may have already used these two features. Nevertheless, if you haven’t used these two features, let me explain.

What is Night Shift?


Night Shift is almost same as F.lux. If you have a higher brightness while using your mobile in low light area, you may get eye strain frequently, which is really bad for your health. Therefore, this is far better to change your brightness. Now, if you often forget to change the brightness, you can do it in automation. If you are using iOS, you can simply make use of Night Shift, which will let you change the brightness of your screen according to your daylight. If you have lower light, your screen will be more warm and vice versa.

You can easily set your time according to sunset and sunrise. At the same time, this is possible to set either custom time or sunrise/sunset.

What is Low Power Mode?

Generally, iOS device doesn’t provide a good battery backup because it doesn’t come with a good powered battery. To help you to get more battery backup, you can make use of Low Power Mode. Alike Android’s Doze Mode, Lower Power Mode helps users to reduce power consumption. That means, you won’t get push notifications and other background processes will be disabled. Eventually, you will get a better battery backup from your iPhone or iPad.


You can enable both of them on your any iOS device running iOS 9.3. However, the problem is this is not possible to enable Night Shift and Lower Power Mode together. You can activate only one of these two features at a time.

But, if you want to turn on Night Shift as well as Lower Power Mode together on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow these following steps. This is possible without using any third party mode as both of the features are in-built.

Enable Night Shift and Low Power Mode Together on iOS

At enable Lower Power Mode. You can either use Siri to do so or this is possible to get the same by following the subsequent process. At first, open Settings and go to Battery. Here, you can find Lower Power Mode. Just toggle the button.

That’s it! Now, you can enable Night Shift. At this time, you cannot enable Night Shift from the Settings panel. You have to use Siri to get things done. Therefore, open Siri and give it a command to enable Night Shift. You can use this command: “Turn on Night Shift” or “Night Shift on”.


That’s it! Now, you will get both of them together.

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