Everything You Need to Know About Android Smart Lock

Android is a widely used smartphone platform, which comes with loads of free apps, games and features. A mid-range Android smartphone has almost all the features for every kind of people including office employee, businessman, housewife etc. In terms of security, Android is one of the best mobile platforms out there as it comes with more than one security options. For example, a regular Android mobile comes with PIN lock, Password, Pattern and many more.

There is yet another awesome security feature of Android, which is known as Android Smart Lock. Android Smart Lock helps users to setup things in order to unlock the mobile without any problem. If you use Smart Lock on your Android mobile, there is nothing to remember like PIN or passcode or the pattern. Therefore, today, you are about to know more about Android Smart Lock through this post.

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What is Android Smart Lock?

Android Smart Lock is not a single option or feature. It is consisted with five different things. Sometime, we need to unlock our device frequently. For instance, when we are at home and there is no security threat or any toddler around you, you can keep your phone unlocked to various things faster and without wasting a single second. Or, let’s assume that you are in a place or in your car, where you can keep your mobile unlocked as there is no problem. Therefore, you can use Smart Lock to unlock your mobile at certain places or circumstances.

Options of Android Smart Lock

As mentioned before, you will get five different things under Android Smart Lock. Options are as follows.

Trusted devices: Suppose, you are in your car or at your home, where you can find car Bluetooth or wireless speakers or laptop. That means, you are safe in your car. Here, you can enable trusted devices option that will keep your phone unlocked during that period.

Trusted places: You can set a particular location, where your mobile will be unlocked automatically without any issue. This is very useful and time saving thing.

Trusted face: You can use your face to unlock your device. But, according to Google, this is not so safe. Any 50% same looking guy can unlock your device.

Trusted voice: This is probably the most secure thing out there. You can easily use your voice to unlock your device. for that, you will have to setup OK Google command.

On-body detection: This is a Smart Lock feature, but it is not so safe. It detects the motion using accelerometer to unlock your device. That means, when your phone will be in motion, it will be unlocked automatically.

How to enable Android Smart Lock?

As this is a built-in feature of Android mobiles, you will not have to install any third party app to enable Android Smart Lock. You just need to set it up. To enable Android Smart Lock, go to Security settings of your mobile.

Smart Lock on Android

Here you can find all those five options.

Android Smart Lock options

Just use any option that is preferable to you. If you want to use Trusted devices, you will have to use the Bluetooth and it should be ON all the time. If you want to use Trusted places, you should keep your Location Services ON all the time. If you want to use Trusted face, you will have to use your front camera to capture our face. In other words, just follow the instruction on the screen to get things done.

Hope this simple security feature can increase your mobile security.

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