How to Extract Page From PDF in Mac

Mac is a great operating system for everyone. No matter whether you are a businessman or a student or anything else, you can use Mac to get more thing done. Obviously, Windows has some great features but Mac excels here, when it comes to stability and more performance. Mac comes with great options and features, what make it more useful.

On the other hand, PDF is the best file format to share something online to send anything to your friends or anybody. You can just wrap your text up and send it after converting it to PDF.

Now, consider this situation.

How to Extract Page From PDF in Mac

Suppose, you have a 50 page PDF file for a school project or business related and you want to get only 1 page or 2 pages from that document. At such moment, you can obviously create that 1 or 2 page within few minutes or an hour. But, the problem appears when you need to do that with exact designing and you do not have much time in your hand.

To get over such times, you can follow this guide, where you will learn how to exact page(s) from PDF in Mac with exact designing and all. Your Mac OS X has the feature to do whatever is mentioned here.

The default PDF viewer of Mac can do this without any issue. You do not have to install any other third party software. Here are two methods and you can use anyone of them.

Method 1

At first, choose any PDF document. If you have created your PDF file, there is nothing to worry. However, if you want to exact page from someone else’s PDF file, make sure that you have the permission. Otherwise, it will be considered as illegal.

Anyway, now open your PDF file using the default PDF viewer of your Mac. By default, it doesn’t show any thumbnail. You have to enable that. To do so, just press Option + Cmd + 2 or go to View >> Thumbnails.

Switch to Thumbnail View for PDF

Now, you will get some page thumbnails on your left hand side. It helps users to select any page whatever you want. Following that, select your page by just clicking on that. You can select multiple pages. To do so, just press and hold the Shift button and click on page thumbnails. After selecting, press Cmd + C  to those pages.

Now, create a new document by pressing Cmd + N or File >> New from Clipboard. It will automatically paste the copied pages right away. Thereafter, this would be possible to save your document as a separate file.

Create new document from clipboard

That’s all! In this way, you can easily extract page from PDF in Mac. Now, here is an easier method to do the same.

Method 2

If you do not want to set tags and other things for a new PDF document, you can follow this method to do the same. Just select a page and use Drag & Drop method to get things done. But, if you use this method, you won’t be able to save your pages in JPEG or any other format, which is possible in the first method.

Wrap Up

If you want to extract page from PDF in Mac, there is no other easier method than these. Both of the methods are really easy and not much time consuming. Here you will not have to rely on any other third party software.

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