Feedly Adds OneNote Integration for Pro Users

After the sad demise of Google reader, Feedly, one of the top listed content and rss reader has seen a staggering growth in the user base. Adding another feather to this successful journey, Feedly added OneNote integration for it’s pro users(also available for all users until April 17 as a trial) as announced on the official Feedly blog a day ego. This integration is going to be of great help to those who were missing feedly on their Windows 8 devices as still, there are no official app in windows store.

With Microsoft opening up OneNote to the world by releasing a new API for developers to take advantage of, more and more companies like JotNotIFTTTWeave News Reader are now working to integrate OneNote with their services. It’s pretty good for users like us that Feedly adds OneNote integration to it for to be a complete web reader and organizer.


how to do Feedly+ OneNote

Now, Feedly pro users can directly save there their favorite article to their OneNote account just by a single click. Lets say that you are reading an article on feedly and you want to save it to your OneNote account. Just locate the ready OneNote button (OneNote icon) right under the title of the article. It needs a mere click and you are done. You just successfully saved that article you are reading to your OneNote account. Simple. Right?

What you can do with Feedly+OneNote

Simply, collect it from Feedly and organize it with OneNote. For those who have’n used Microsoft Office, OneNote is a free app from Microsoft that enables you to create, organize and share notes. Your notes can include text, to-do lists, images, attached files and audio recordings. Now, if you are one of the regular feedly users, you are going to find almost all the targeted rather favorite contents on it. whether you are a businessman or a student or else, information is the most important factor for designing your future. Feedly delivers the same with a thick and fast rate.

Now the important question after that, what’s OneNote is doing here. Answer is more than one. You can categorize, edit, share,annotate your saved content later on OneNote. Added to this, you can sync all these content across all your smart devices. Just carry your office with you on your travel. Tell your office team what to do with your content wherever they are.


If you are a group student working on the same school project, this integration can be the most helpful tool for you. Just research and collect all the article you need from feedly and simply save it to your OneNote account. Categorize them according to your need. Get help from them for your project later. Is not that smart?

With this united functionality of Feedly and OneNote, Users can do amazing things by adding text, to-do lists, pictures, audio and other files with their saved web content. Added to this, you can set up an email service that ends with @onenote.com and with that you can add content automatically to your personal OneNote notebook just by sending mail to that email address. Thankfully, Microsoft also made OneNote for PC free, which means there’s a free OneNote app on Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, Android. Heck.

Last of all, this integration brings together your favorite web reader and web clipper on a single platform. A single click to get the content along with thousands ways for working on it.

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