How to Find ATM with Money in India

On 8th November 2016, Indians got a very bold news on a various news channel that was delivered by current Indian PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, who announced that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes are about to be demonetized. Although, Indians have got 50 days to replace all of their old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes with new notes or other currencies, but thousands of people are facing problems in front of banks and ATMs since 86% of total Indian currency is propagated with those particular demonetized notes. People are in the queue of 200-300 individuals in front of almost all the banks, and at the same time, ATMs are not working properly in various cities due to many reasons (though, in some cities, ATMs are running well where the currency supply is more than enough). Now, if you are trying to withdraw some money from your bank account, you have two ways. First, you can go to the bank and second is ATM. Here are few tools those will help you to find out an ATM that can help you withdraw your money from your account. As this is quite difficult to find out an ATM with money in India (nowadays), hope these tools would help you a lot.

Find ATM with Money in India

There are three tools. Two of them can show you the current status of those ATMs, and the third one will help you to find out ATM in various cities across India.

1] CashNoCash

cashnocash-find-atm-with-money-in-india is a very trending website nowadays that helps users find out an ATM with money in India. The best part of this tool is you can enter your PIN code and see some nearby ATMs. However, the problem is this tool works based on the people’s votes. In other words, people can mark where an ATM has money or not, and that info will be visible on the website. For example, an ATM has money, but nobody has not updated on that site. That means you will not get any info regarding the cash status. However, it shows three different situations i.e. CASH, WAIT, NO CASH. CASH and NO CASH define what they mean. WAIT means you have to be in a queue to withdraw the money. Just head over to the website, enter your pin code and find out some nearby ATMs.

2] WorkingATMs

workingatms-find-atm-with-money-in-india is yet another website with the almost same concept as the web mentioned above tool. That means you can get cash status with ATM location. The best part of this tool is you can view the exact location of the ATM on Google Maps since it allows users to find out the location. For your information, it does not use people’s votes to determine the current cash status. At the same time, I got problems while trying to use this tool. It shows the availability of cash, but the current status of those ATMs was exactly opposite. However, you can try this app and find out the ATMs in your city.

3] ATMFinder


In India, CMS Info Systems manages most of the ATMs, and the same company has launched a new web tool that helps users find out ATMs with money. Although, this is not confirmed whether it shows all the ATMs or ATMs with money you can certainly try this out on your own. The limitation of this tool is you cannot enter your pin, which is more flexible than entering your city that may not be available on this tool. However, you can get most of the popular cities in almost all states across India. This tool is available at here:

Hope these three tools would be helpful in this crisis. Do let us know which tool works best for you.

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