How to Get “Search with Google” in Microsoft Edge Right-Click Menu

Microsoft Edge is a fast web browser for them, who just browse the internet. Due to lack of features, nobody will recommend you this browser to use it for development purpose and all. Microsoft Edge has very limited functionality. When it first launched with Windows 10, there was almost no function except browsing the internet. However, over the past few months, Microsoft has included some awesome features in this browser. One of them is “Extension” capability. In another word, now you would be able to install extensions in Microsoft Edge. Again, there is another limitation. You cannot use any extension since the number of available extensions is very low. You can head over to Windows Store to find a suitable extension.


This article about to show you how to get Search with Google in the Microsoft Edge right-click menu. By default, Microsoft has Bing search engine. Although you can change the default search engine of Microsoft Edge, if you do not want to do so, and instead you want to search for a particular keyword in Google, here is a time-saving trick for you. If you want to search for a keyword in Google, you can simply open and enter your query. However, this trick would let you add a “Search with Google” button in the right-click context menu so that you can quickly open Google and search for your keyword.

Get “Search with Google” in Microsoft Edge Right-Click Menu

It will be done by an extension. However, Windows Store doesn’t contain any extension like that. You have to install it from outside. Before, learn how to install Microsoft Edge extension from outside Windows Store.

Install Microsoft Edge extension from outside Windows Store

This is very easy and not much time consuming at all. The best part is there is no need to install any third-party software since Microsoft can do that easily. At first, open Microsoft Edge and enter about:flags in the URL bar. On the next page, you can find an option called Enable extension developer features (this might put your device at risk). Just make a tick in the corresponding checkbox and restart your Microsoft Edge browser.

How to Get “Search with Google” in Microsoft Edge Right-Click Menu

It will let you install extension in Microsoft Edge from outside. Now, head over to this link and download the package. On your machine, unzip it and place the “Google Search” folder somewhere. You cannot move this folder after installing the extension. Therefore, open Microsoft Edge > click on three dotted buttons > select Extensions > click on Load Extension > choose the “Google Search” folder.

That’s it! Now your extension has been installed. If you have done everything successfully, you will get a Search with Google option after selecting a word on any web browser.

Problem: The only problem I have faced so far is it shows

We’have turned off extensions from unknown sources. They might be risky, so we recommend keeping them off. – Turn on anyway, keep them off.

Just hit the Turn on anyway button to activate the extension after restarting your browser.

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