Getting more Likes for your Posts through Social Networking App Plague

In this digital age of social networking, everyone is competing hard to make their posts viral. There is a growing curiosity to get more likes for your Facebook posts, Facebook pages and other social networking posts. As a blogger, content writer or website owner, you would have surely experimented with different ways of making your social posts viral without knowing which method would work successfully. Now, what if I tell you that it is possible to decide which of your posts goes viral in your circle or beyond? Yes, with a new social networking app Plague, you can promote your post on a grand basis and get more likes (for Facebook posts) or +1s (for Google+ posts).

In this article, we shall study the various features of Plague application and understand how it works enabling you to spread information without any boundaries.

How does Plague app work?

The basic concept behind Plague app is to create a seamless medium to make information viral as much as it deserves to be spread, without any limits / boundaries. In simple words, this app is like a virus as any information spread by you infects users who are closest to you physically.

Plague app concept

Now, promoting this information further is completely upon the discretion of those users. They can help making the information viral by promoting it further or they can choose not to spread it further.

Plague viral networking

Let’s consider an example. You have a post in the form of text or image or video or URL link which you wish to spread ahead. Now, the 4 closest users to you having smart devices with Plague app installed in them will receive this information i.e. they will be infected by this post. Next, they can swipe upwards to further spread this post to their closest users or swipe downwards to avoid promoting the post further. Additionally, they can even comment on your post.

Advantages of Plague app

The best part of this app is that everyone gets a fair chance to get their information famous as everyone starts from equal footing. In other words, there is no way to follow someone or be friends with someone using Plague app. The chances of your post going viral depends solely on it’s quality. Now, this is a great advantage for Plague app users in comparison to other social networking sites or apps where people with large number of followers or friends have an undue advantage. Here, a popular person will get only 4 chances to spread a particular post ahead, which is the same case with a person who is not so popular.

How to download Plague app?

While downloading this app, you need to look for “Plague – The Network” app under category social or social networking. Avoid confusion with the game “Plague Inc” having similar name. One can install Plague app for Android device or iOS device using the below mentioned links:
Install Plague from Google Playstore

Plague app for Android

Download Plague from iTunes Store

Plague app for iOS

Alternatively, you can download Plague application for free by following similar links available at: Plague Official Site

Deep Sea Marketing, a Lithuana-based firm, are the developers of Plague application. As per future plans, there are chances that this app might help off-the-grid anonymous communication like Firechat app. Only time will tell, if they manage to achieve this feat! As of now, the available functionality of Plague is enough to garner curiosity among social network users all over the world. The world is fighting for equality and this app contributes to a small extent by allowing everyone to start on equal grounds with regards to viral networking.

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