Google Duo; What You Need to Know About

Have you noticed the release of Google’s new video calling app Duo?

I know most of you don’t. And, right at this moment, you may think what the use of a new video calling app is, while we have Skype and Hangouts as well.

Here in this post, you are about to know Duo in detail. Apparently, that would answer all your doubts.

Google Duo; All You Need to Know

Google DuoGoogle announced their development of a new video calling app back in May this year, in their Google I/O. They have also given a hint of the release of a new messenger app called Allo about which, I will tell you in the next article.

I have divided the post into different sections for your convenience.

First, I want to give you an introduction.

What Exactly is Duo?

As you already read, it’s a video calling app; actually a one-to-one video calling app for both Android and iOS. You can’t use it on your PC because a desktop isn’t available and, Google has no plans to launch it either.

The best thing about Duo is it won’t need a Google account to become functional. Meaning, you and the person whom you call shouldn’t necessarily have a Google account to use the app. Just like WhatsApp, it works on the basis of phone numbers. That allows you to make calls from your contacts without any hassle.

Download Duo fro Play Store

Download Duo from iTunes Store

What are the Features of Duo

There are quite a bunch of features you are going to love on Google’s Duo. Let’s checkout each of them!

#1. Default End-to-End Encryption

You want your calls to be out of anyone’s clutches, don’t you? I know the security agencies can’t agree to this; that’s why there were revolt-like movements when WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption.

Google offers default end-to-end encryption, meaning no one can peek into your calls. Everything stays in-between the two people taking part in the video call.

#2. Knock Knock Feature

I bet you haven’t seen this feature on any of the video calling apps out there!

When you get a call from anyone through Duo, you can see what they are doing even without attending. Yeah, you heard me! The exact feature is referred to as Knock Knock.

The same applies to you when you call a person too. They can see what you do. As a precaution, you can hear a sound when you call anyone, which indicates they can see you.


Don’t worry!

You can turn this option off if you want. For iPhone users, the Knock Knock becomes activated only if you are on the app.

#3. Automatic Switching between Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

You experience occasional drop in both mobile data connection and Wi-Fi signal, don’t you?

When you use Duo over mobile network and it drops, the app will lookout for any available Wi-Fi connection. The same goes on if you are on Wi-Fi as well.

So, Duo makes sure your call never ends in every possible way.

#4. Auto Optimization

Say you are using a connection with low-bandwidth. Chances are you get drops with all other video calling or even voice calling apps.

But not with Duo!

Google Duo has an automatic optimization available for low bandwidth mobile networks that makes the communication seamless.

#5. Use of Phone Numbers Instead of Google Account

I have already told you this, haven’t I?

You/ your calling partner don’t necessarily have a Google account. (But it’s necessary for you to download apps from Play Store).

Wrapping Up

I hope you got enough information about Duo now.

In case you are left with any doubt, don’t forget to use the comment section down below to reach me.

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