Hide Facebook Status Messages From Selected Group Of Friends

If you have befriended both friends, family members and business clients on Facebook – sharing different types of updates can certainly annoy some people. Let’s say you have 500 friends on Facebook out of which 20 are family members, 50 are office colleagues, college friends while the rest of the contacts are either clients or people with whom you do your business.

If you share your personal updates that might interest your friends, your business clients might not love it. If you share business information as a Facebook status update, your family members might feel a bit annoyed.

Instead, you should learn how to hide Facebook status messages from certain people so that they never see those updates in which they have no interest. The following video tutorial demonstrates how you can hide Facebook status updates, wall posts from specific friends by creating friend lists


The steps are indeed very easy:

1. Log in to your Facebook account, click “Friends” from the left sidebar and then create a new list. Add all your family members to this list and name it as “Family”

2. Similarly, create another list and add all your office colleagues and college friends to this list. Name this list as “Friends”.

3. Create a third list and add all of your social media contacts or business contacts to this list. Name this list as “Business Contacts”

Hide Facebook Status Updates From Certain peopleNow comes the real fun. When you want to share a specific Facebook status update with a selected group of people, simply write down your message and click the small arrow placed just left to the “Share” button. Next choose “Customize”

Now you have two options – either share the update with an entire friend list or hide the update from specific Facebook friends.

Share a Facebook Update With a Specific Group Of Contacts

To share an update with a specific Facebook friend list, type the name of the friend list until it appears, select it and you are done. When you update your Facebook profile with the status – only the friends who are present in that particular friend list will be able to see it.

The person who is not present in that friend list will not be able to view your last status update.

Facebook Status Update Privacy Settings
This is a great feature which allows you to customize each Facebook status update and their visibility.

Hide a Status Update From a Particular Person or Friend

To hide a specific status update from a particular friend, simply type his name in the “Hide this From” text box, choose “OK” and it’s done. The selected friend will not be able to view this particular update; you can always add multiple people or an entire friend list to the “Hide” text box and it works just as fine.

This trick works not only for status updates but also for photos, videos and any other media or text posted by you on your Facebook wall.

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