How to Set Custom Ringtone for Skype Contacts on Android

Skype is one of the best ways to make video calls via Android, PC, Mac etc. This is popular because the Skype app is available for various platforms including those aforementioned platforms. The most important thing is users can make video calls over stable internet connection. That means, if you have internet, you can use Skype on your mobile or PC. This is where it excels.

Skype is popular among all kind of people including student, businessman, regular people and so on. As this is developed for non-techie people, anybody can set up an account get started with Skype. This is as simple as said. On the other hand, as all the options are very useful, people get attracted by it within few moments.

How to Set Custom Ringtone for Skype Contacts on Android

Anyway, recently Microsoft has made few couple of changes in the Skype for Android app. As a result, Skype app for Android has become even more useful and good looking. They have changed a few things in the user interface and fixed minor bugs in the V 5.10.x. Although, Skype has not got a lot of new options but one simple change has been made by Microsoft, which seems to be very popular and useful too. That is set custom ringtone for a particular Skype contact.

What does that mean? How is it going to help?

The meaning of this thing is quite easy to understand. Just like phone contacts, now, this is possible to set a different ringtone for a specific contact. Generally, who gets a lots of call from a particular person, sets a different ringtone so that he/she can know the caller even before checking the mobile screen. Generally, all mobiles have an option to choose one ringtone or a set of people or for a particular contact.

The same thing has been brought up by Skype. If you have loads of contacts on Skype and you get many calls from few couple of people, you can easily utilize this new option so that you can get the caller name prior to checking the mobile screen.

Unfortunately, this particular option has been implemented in Skype for Android only. However, it will be available for other platforms very soon.

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Set Custom Ringtone for Skype Contacts on Android

This is quite and straightforward. As this option is implemented in the latest version of Skype, you should check out the version before trying to do anything. To check the version of your installed Skype app, do follow the following steps,

At first, make sure that you have Skype in your mobile. Therefore, go to Settings >> Apps. Find out the Skype app and tap on it. You will get the version number as shown in the following picture.

Skype Version number on Android

If you have 5.10.x, you can start following the following steps. But, if you do not have this version, you need to update your Skype app. To do so, just open Google play Store, search for Skype, open the Skype option and tap on Update button.

Then, open the Skype app on your mobile to set custom ringtone for particular contact. Go to People tab and select a contact for that you want to set a different ringtone. Now, tap on the Options button, which looks like three dots. Then, select the option that says Ringtone options.

Ringtone options in skype for Android

Therefore, you will get two options,

  • Set custom ringtone
  • Set default ringtone

Choose Set custom ringtone and select a ringtone that you want.

Set Custom Ringtone for Skype Contacts on Android

That’s it. You have done. Hope this little trick will aid you a lot.

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