How to Install watchOS 2

Apple is just rolling out a new version of Watch OS, which is called watchOS 2. People, who have watched the last Apple conference, know that Apple announced this on September 9. If you know what is watchOS 2 and its new features, skip this paragraph. Otherwise, read on to know more.

What is watchOS 2 and What is New in watchOS 2?

WatchOS 2

Apple has a different operating system for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. OS X runs on Mac. iOS runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Just like this watchOS runs on Apple Watch. The name, watchOS goes after the name of the product.

watchOS 2 has got neither minor nor major upgrades but, overall stuffs looks much better than watchOS 1. Some new features like new clock faces, time-machine etc. have been integrated. Time-Machine can help you to check your yesterday’s schedule and work as well as tomorrows’. You can use the Digital Crown to check all tasks and schedules of next 48 hours.

Install watchOS 2

If you are using Apple Watch, here is a good news for you. Apple has unveiled watchOS 2 and consumers can download the upgrade right away. To experience all the news features i.e. clock face, Time-Machine, UI improvements etc. you obviously have to install the latest version of watchOS 2. The installation procedure is not too difficult and users with minimum experience can download and install watchOS 2 on Apple Watch.

However, before upgrading Apple Watch to watchOS 2, you must have to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9, what Apple has already released. Otherwise, this is not possible to install watchOS 2 in Apple Watch.

iOS 9 has a dedicated Apple Watch app, which will let you upgrade your Apple Watch. If you have already upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow it minutely.

Upgrade iPhone to iOS 9

Although, this is very easy to do but still here are the actual steps. At first, make sure that you have at least 70% charge and you have created backup. Or you can just plug in your device for charging – in case your device faces any battery related issue, it will keep charging and providing battery backup.

Now, connect with a WiFi network and go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.

Upgrade iPhone to iOS 9

Here you will get the iOS 9 update, which is pretty compact. Apple has tried hard to reduce the size and as a result it is now only 1.3 GB. Anyway, tap on Download and Install button.

This is also possible to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9 using iTunes.

After completing iOS 9 upgrade, just follow the subsequent steps to download and install watchOS 2 on Apple Watch.

Again connect your iPhone to WiFi and open the Apple Watch app from menu drawer. You will get some tabs. Switch to My Watch tab. After that, go to General >> Software Update.

Install watchOS 2

Just like iOS update, you will get similar Download and Install button on your screen. Tap on it and enter your iPhone password. Therefore, you have to agree with the terms and conditions to install watchOS 2.

Make sure your Apple Watch has enough charge. Otherwise, you can put it into charge. After that, you will get Install button on Apple Watch as well as iPhone. Tap on them.


Just wait for a few minutes to download and install watchOS 2 in your Apple Watch. It will not take much time but it always depends on your internet connection.

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