Keep Websites Alive When Server Goes Down with Cloudfare

If you are a webmaster then one of your prime concerns is to keep your website alive for the world and also round the clock. Sometimes, when your server goes down you just fill like the fish out of water. This ashen diegesis is pretty much common for all webmasters on the globe. We always search about the different ways of how to keep websites alive when server goes down.

Thankfully, with CloudFlare,  things become painless. If your server goes down, this smart service will deliver a limited copy of your cached website as it always holds an ‘Always Online'( a feature of CloudFlair) imitation of your website. The most popular pages of your website will never die from the web. Moreover, this brilliant web application has much more to offer to its users.

Basically, CloudFlair is a community of veteran webmasters with the sole vision to be the beacon in the hard times of the other webmasters all over the globe. It has an array of features which has already fabricated it as the complete security and optimization tool for any website. It not only keeps website alive when server goes down but also execute some of this pretty wanting web utilities for all types of sites.

Global Content Delivery Network and Optimization

It delivers your contents in a better and a faster way with its next-gen content delivery network system. It’s 25 data centers across the globe stores your website’s static pages to its edge nodes also with your dynamic contents for a step ahead delivery to your visitors. Your visitors from every corner of this world enjoy your contents directly from these data centers, which is way faster that fetching the same from your remotely placed web server every single time. The statistics show that in this process the average loading time of your website is reduced by 50%.

It’s rocket loader not only rectifies the network connection to a minimal numbers, but also combines multiple java script files into a single entity for a slashed overheads of a webpage. Added to this, it uses some modern techniques of site rendering like, local storage caching, asynchronous resource loading and much more. moreover, it pre-detects the browser type a visitor is coming from and automatically optimizes your web content for that. Your site

If you sign up with this service, just forget about the added charges for a sudden surge in the bandwidth usage by your website. CloudFlair will welcome your popularity with no extra charges.

Web Security

Bright minds from more than one diversified fields have assembled CloudFlair’s web security to a stand out one. It really has the ability to anchorage your site to a safe port. Its security coverage entraps a pretty wide range starting from the least vulnerable like comment spams to the most recent and herculean service attacks.

Its keen-eyed security always keeps a vigilant guard on every single website within its network. When an attack occurs on any one of them it not only raise its protective shield for that but also alerts the rest of the network. It’s obvious that if you are a part of the community, you are well covered. Moreover, if you are using its pro version, it will enable you to add SSL encryption technique as an extra layer of security through a single click and thankfully, without changing even a single bit of your previous settings. Smart. Right?

With the assimilation of industry standard services like, web application firewall, advanced DDoS protection and much more this web security truly beats most of its co-runners.

Lastly, as a complete website handling tool with web security, web optimizer and global CDN and others its pricing plans for its paid versions is relatively a paltry one. For both medium and large scale business it’s equally versatile and balanced. It really worth a try.


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