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Listening songs have always been my turn on. I love to listen my favourite tracks while working. It really soaks up all the strains that I used to go through everyday. Although, there are several online music stores are available nowadays, still no one can defeat YouTube on this particular segment. I listen to YouTube on Android a lot as its music stock is colossal and it gets updated on every second. Thousands of people, daily, upload everything from every corner of earth, but all of them are videos.

It’s really a pesky task to surf and listen to the videos. Importantly, why should I need videos when I’m only listening? Moreover, high quality videos take a full year to buffer if you are on a slower internet connection. It also gobbles up the major chunk of data in no time. Thankfully, there are ways to listen to YouTube on Android as mp3.

There are ways to extract the audio from any video file, but in this case it will not help us as we will be streaming files continuously from a web service. Thankfully, there are some awesome applications and they do the exact thing for us. The list I am going to detail under can help you meet your wish.


uListen(You Tube Audio)


uListen is a very simply designed app mothered by GooglyEyes. It enables you to listen to YouTube on Android as mp3 songs. It consumes the least of your effort while playing your favourite song on YouTube. Simply, it enables you to stream audio out of videos, which saves the precious bandwidth of yours. Also, It offers an array of brilliant features like, a quick access status bar notification, add unlimited number of videos to playlists and backup/restore saved playlists from a removable memory storage.

With uListen you can stream and play tracks in background, search YouTube videos and public playlists and more. Moreover, you can create, edit and share local playlists as many as you want. Moreover, it has a sleep timer. Just tell it where it should stop.

The sharing feature of this application is a bit stand out. It generates a custom link every single time when you share videos, also YouTube and local playlists with your near ones. They can access your shared hoards using those links. Added to this, there is also a free version of uListen is available on Play store. If you are using it currently, and want to move to the paid version for the add free life, with all of your saved playlists, a single transfer will be enough. Its developers brainstormed really smart here. Personally, it worth a try.



YouTube Radio


YouTube Radio is another Spartan app that lets you listen to YouTube on Android. This application offers a bunch of basic features like searching videos on YouTube and play. When you are online you can start your sweet journey with it. Download its latest version(1.1), which is really small in size(195k) and enables you to have a painless access to YouTube. It can work with Android 2.2 and later, which covers almost all the current Android devices roaming on the globe. Its user interface is dead simple and clean. Just search and play. Nothing else.


With YouTube Radio you can execute some basic yet the most wanting tasks like, creating and organizing folders for your favourite tunes for easy access in the future and play those tunes like a radio station. Notably, there are two ways of searching music. Firstly, you can directly search on YouTube and secondly, via which is one of the most coveted online music store with the latest updates in that niche.


Finally, these two Android applications are going to underpin your want greatly. Never stop listening your favourite tunes. Believe me, it helps us to survive amidst our daily mental noise. Always, feel free to share your views with us.

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