Make the Best Use of Google Quick Answer Box

We all know Google is the first thing which comes in to our mind when we want to search anything on internet. When you enter any text regarding your search, Google shows you the links of websites which has the answer to your query. Sometimes, you might also see direct answer to your search text with in a box followed by links to websites. That is nothing but, Google Quick Answer Box and this is how it looks like.

Google Quick Answer Box

Get Most Out of Google Quick Answer Box

Google Quick Answer Box has the direct answer to your search query along with small introduction text. It also shows you the source link for the result being shown. For most of the results, source links will be Wikipedia and sometimes I even observe other websites linked as source. (Really interested to know how a website other Wikipedia is listed as source link by Google).

You can use Google Quick Answer Box to know about famous people, relationships, stock values, weather details, general facts and more. In this article I will let you know how to use Google Quick Answer Box to get the best out of it.

People and their Relationships

We are fond of knowing more and more about celebrities and their relationships. Some of us are also interested to know founders of a particular organization and more.

1. “Wife of Bill Gates”

You can find the relationships easily. Just type the search text as shown in the example and Google Quick Answer Box shows you the result directly.

Wife of BillGates

2. “Founders of Google”

It is easy to find founders of any organization with a small search text and the result is in front of you.

Founders of Google

3. “How old is warren Buffett”

This helps to find the age as well as birthday date. There might be other search text available to find the birthday date, but this gives you the current age as well.

age warren buffet

4.Height of Amitabh Bachchan”

Knowing the information about appearance of a celebrity is very easy using Google Quick Answer Box and here is the example.

Height of Amitabh Bachchan

5. “James Cameron Job”

We all know James Cameron is multi talented, but eager to know what all he can do? Here it is.

James Cameron Job

Sports and Athletes

Who is not fond of sports? It is easy and quick to find about sports using Google Quick Answer Box and here are some examples.

1. “Olympics 2016 host country”

Want to know which country is hosting the upcoming Olympics? Here it is.

Olympics 2016 host country

2. “World record of Usain Bolt”

Usain Bolt became the star of Olympics and he is famous for world record and it is this.

World record of Usain Bolt

3. “ICC World Cup 2015 winner”

You can even find the winners of any sport at happened on any year easily.

Icc World Cup 2015 winner

4. “Seating capacity of Lords cricket stadium”

Do you need to know the seating capacity of any cricket stadium or football stadium, this is how can do get that.

Seating capacity of Lords cricket stadium

5. “Sachin Tendulkar’s number”

Want to know the jersey number of Sachin Tendulkar. It is quite easy now.

Sachin Tendulkar's number

Places and Landmarks

We all love travelling and visiting places. So, it is important to know some useful information about those places.

1. “Eiffel Tower was built in”

It is always important and interesting to know about Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower was built in

2. “Who Commissioned Taj Mahal”

Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and knowing about it is always exciting.

Who Commissioned Taj Mahal

3. “How tall is Burj Khalifa”

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world and want to know it’s height? Here it is.

How tall is Burj Khalifa

4. “Area of India”

You can find the area of any particular place easily and quickly.

Area of India

5. “National Flower of Spain”

Find something more about a place you visit.

National Flower of Spain

Calculations and Conversions

We will be in need of doing some calculations or converting from one unit to another. It is very easy and quickly done using Google Quick Answer Box.

1. “How many Calories in an Egg”

Egg is said to be good for health. So, find how many calories each egg has and decide the number of eggs you need to include in your diet.

How many Calories in an Egg

2. “1 USD in INR”

Want to do the currency conversion, it is easy.


3. Use as a Calculator

You can even use Google Quick Answer Box as a calculator to find small equations.

Mathematical Calculations

4. “70 Fahrenheit to Celsius”

It is needed to know the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa.

Temperature Conversion

5. “How many centimeters in a foot”

You can even find the conversion with different search text.

How many centimeters in a foot

Dates, Times and Events

In the first section we saw the birthday dates and this is somewhat different. Here, we will see important dates of events.

1. “When is Christmas”

I know everyone know when Christmas, but want to use it as an example. You can even add this to Google Now as a reminder.

When is Christmas

2. “When was Hanukkah”

Google helps you to show the events occurring on multiple dates.

When was Hanukkah

3. “Friendship Day 2016”

We know that friendship falls on first Sunday of August. You can find the date on which friendship day comes in next coming years.

Friendship Day 2016

4. “Time India”

Want to find the current time of any place? Here is the example.

Time in Palce

5. “Timer 5 minutes 10 seconds”

You can use Google to start the timer. You can reset it again once the timer stops.

Start timer

Media and Movies

Here comes the most entertaining part of our life. Will see how we can make best out of Google Quick Answer Box for these entries.

1. “Director of Avatar”

Want to know the director of the great movies. Here how it is.

director of avatar

2. “Writer of Harry Potter”

Finding the writer of your favorite novel is now easy.

Writer of Harry Potter

3. Find the release date of a movie

Want to find the release date of a movie? You can do it easily.

Movie release date

4. “Greatest American Hero theme song”

It is now very easy to find the theme song.

Greatest American Hero theme song

5. “Grand Theft Auto V release date”

You can find the release date of any game.

Grand Theft Auto V release date

Companies and Stocks

You can know more about any company or stock values easily using Google Quick Answer Box.

1. “Siemens Headquarters”

Now, you can find the head quarters of any company easily.

Siemens Headquarters

2. “Amazon Stock Value”

Are you interested in stocks? Then, this would be very helpful for you.

Amazon Stock Value

3. “Amazon customer service”

Need to call customer service urgently? Here is the easy way to find the customer service number.

amazon customer service

4. “Facebook founded on”

You can even find when the company was founded.

Facebook founded on

5. Know about Acquisitions

Google Quick Answer Box helps you to know about latest acquisitions.

Latest Acquisitions

Some more Useful Search Terms

Here are some more Google Quick Answer Box uses which do not fit in any categories specified above.

Know the Flight Status

It is easy to find the flight status now. No more clicks needed reach the website and to search for flight.

Flight Status

List of available flights

Now, you can see the list of available flights based on source and destination right from the Google Quick Answer Box.

List of Available Flights

Find Definitions

If, you are stuck up while reading a novel as you did not get the correct meaning of the word, then this would be very helpful.

find definitions

Perform Translation

You can even perform translation and surprise your friends with mostly used words.


Aware of Symptoms

Google has progressed a lot in medical and health issues. It shows you the best results in answer box from one or more websites.


Find Speed of few vehicles

Answer Box has statistical data of some vehicles.

Speed of Vehicles

“Airbus a380 engine”

Just tried this and got result from Answer Box. Amazing!

Airbus engine


These are some of the uses of Google Quick Answer Box. There are many more ways to get most out of it. If you have any favourites, please do share with us through comments.

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