Microsoft Launches Analog Keyboard for Android Wear Smartwatch

If you are a wearable technology lover, I am sure that you have heard about Android Wear, which is a great platform for smartwatches. Android Wear is being developed by Google and as of now, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360 are launched with Android Wear. Actually, smartwatch is a great device you can own. It will let you notify for every call, SMS, email and so on. On the other hand, you can also use it like a stand-alone gadget.

Android Wear keyboard by Microsoft

Generally, Android Wear based smartwatch does anything using voice command. Whenever, you need to do something with your watch, you can give a command and your devoted gadget would do accordingly. But, you cannot use voice command all the time. For instance, you are in meeting and you must have to reply to an email. At such moment, you can use this latest application.

To handle those types of situations, Microsoft has developed a third party analog keyboard that works by handwritten recognition. You can use this great handwriting keyboard to do anything i.e. reply to email, SMS, search on Google and more. Although, this is the first ever keyboard app for Android Wear based smartwatch but still it has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Microsoft Analog Keyboard Symbol Typing

Pros and Cons of Microsoft’s Analog Keyboard

Touch screen was introduced several years back and since then, it has been trending on almost all types of mobiles. But, there is a lot of changes in touch screen journey. Today’s touchscreen is either very small or comparatively bigger. For example, just check various smartwatch. You can find a 1.63-inch display in Samsung Gear Live. On the other hand, you will get 5.5-inch display in Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, developers can build a typing keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus (Example) but this is much difficult to do the same for Samsung Gear Live. Hence, Microsoft has launched this great app.

Google Search using Microsoft analog Keyboard


  • Obviously, you can use your smartwatch even when you are in the meeting. Just start typing – forget voice command.
  • Some most common words like this, and will be auto-corrected. Microsoft wants bring word prediction. But this is not actually word prediction. It is auto-correction.

As it comes with minimum features, the number of advantages is also pretty low.


  • It can recognize only lower case letters. You cannot write capital letters.
  • This is tested on Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360 only. Be aware, if you want to install it on LG G Watch.
  • The user interface may be melt down sometime because of the processor since most of smartwatches are using single core processor.

There are also some other bugs in this keyboard application. Head over to this link to check everything. If you want to download this keyboard app for your smartwatch, check this link.

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