What Is A Smartwatch And Do You Really Need One?

Smartwaches are in the center of almost every tech headline today. With Internet of Things taking pace and the need for a connected world is increasing, different manufacturers have step into the world of Smartwatches introducing their own models with different capabilities.


The first one to give us a smartwatch was Pebble. But then it is not really a Smartwatch until other Smartphones did not connect to it. It was not until the entrance of big players like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and then Apple jumped into the battlefield to market their own products.

Today we will discuss, what actually is a smartwatch, and for what purpose it can be used. We will also discuss the uses and requirements of these smartwatches and if at all you should buy them or not.

What is a Smartwatch?

Now Smartwatch is nothing but a watch. But then we wonder why it is called smart? What is so smart about it? Smart term here refers to the additional functions these watches perform and to add to that it is also connected to the internet.

These watches connect to your smartphones as well and can make your life easier by letting you perform some actions on the watch itself, which otherwise you would normally be doing on the phone. Like reading messages, notifying calls, calender events, notifications, and alarms can be accessed form the  watch itself.

Samsung have there own version of smartwatches known as Samsung Gear,


Motorola have Moto 360,



And now Apple recently launched the Apple Watch.



All these watches are connected to the internet via your phone through Bluetooth. While these watches can also run applications like evernote and Runtastic, developers are yet to harness the full power of these watches, and the main focus with them remains health and fitness monitoring with additional sensors.

How do Smartwatches work?

Smartwatches are almost useless without your smartphones. In order to unleash the full power and capacity of a Smartwatch, you need to pair it with a smartphone. Smartwatches are connected to your phones through Bluetooth connection. And your phone then shares its internet connection to your watch through Bluetooth.


Now while your smartwatch is connected to your phone, you can perform many of your tasks such as viewing maps for navigating, check and reply to messages, and view your notifications etc. But for all this you need your Smartphone. Without smartphone, it is just a plain simple watch that you’ll have to charge frequently.


Who should buy it?

Coming to the main question. Whether or not you should buy it. The answer for that question is totally in one’s personal choice and needs. With the price of these watches going from $300 and above, I don’t think it would be a wise choice for people that are not as busy as hell, and those who can afford the time to slide out the phone out of your pocket.


Shelling out that extra money for a smartwatch will not be a wise choice. But for the enthusiasts, money doesn’t matter. Does it? These smartwatches, with not more than 3 years after their first release, are still in early phase. And with time, the price will go down as the competition increases and features will considerably increase, as is the case with smartphones today.

We would only recommend this to those high earners and enthusiasts to go and buy a smartwatch, but for the folks like myself, the better option would be to just wait and let things come on track with time before rushing out to the stores craving for one.


In the end I would like to conclude with the fact that smartwatches are in-fact good and helpful devices. They can lessen the lot of work you do and make your day to day life even more comfortable while your smartphones around. But we are still to discover what more this fancy watch can offer, and for this, we need to give it some time to evolve and nurture. What you guys think? Share your opinion below.

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