Speed Up Mozilla Firefox 150x+ times

Have you ever thought of your most favourite browser loading pages 150 times faster than it did earlier ? Or using up a minimum part of your RAM ?
I’m sure that makes you feel better.The ‘+‘ in the post title means x,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx times & the ‘x‘ mean digit/integer.
Now follow the simple steps to have a better web experience.

Open your Mozilla Firefox & type about:config in the address bar. As you hit enter, a WARNING!! page appears clearly stating that any changes made in this page may result in an abnormal behaviour of your browser. That is i'll_b_carefull wholly true because the page ahead is the configuration’s page of Mozilla Firefox. So don’t do anything there unless your are sure. But I assure you of no harm if you follow the following steps as it is instructed. So as we are sure press the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.


NB:”Type” means typing in the box shown to the right


  1. Type network.prefetch-next & as it comes in the “Preference Name” box double-click it to set its value to true.
    But how does it help enhance the performance of  your browser ? When you make a search your browser pre-downloads the search items prior to visiting them thereby slowing down the search. Setting it to false will speed up the search.
  2. Type browser.cache.disk.capacity & as it comes in the “Preference Name” box double-click it. Now this time a box will open where you can put some integer value. By default it will be 50000. Now set it to 15000 If your RAM is greater than or equal to 1Gb or set it to 5000 if your RAM is less than 1Gb.
    You have to do this because Mozilla Firefox uses up very high percentage of your RAM (sometimes upto 3 digit in Mb) so by assigning the values you can limit the RAM usage of Mozilla.
  3. Now create a new boolean parameter in the config page. To do this you have to right-click anywhere on the config page then point your mouse on “New” &  then click Boolean. An editable box will open enter  config.trim_on_minimize there. After this type the same in the filter box & double-click it to set its value to true. This will help freeing your memory whenever you minimize your browser i.e it will not use that much of RAM as it uses while its maximized.
  4. Type
    (inetwork.http.pipelining — Double-click it & set its value to true.(iinetwork.http.pipelining.maxrequests — Double-click it & enter a value within 10 to 15. Although you may put any value less than a billion.
    This is number of tunnels you are requesting to the website. The more you request the faster a page will load. But this will kill the bandwidth of the website. So the site may ban you from viewing it in future.So 10-15 is safe. Again the more the tunnels you request the more the memory your browser will need which may lead your browser to crash.

    (iiinetwork.http.proxy.pipelining — Double-click it & set its value to true.

Now close the browser tab where you have opened the about:config page. And enjoy faster browsing.

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