9 ways to Search Multiple Search Engines together

The Internet is loaded With tons of information and searching May need some tricks to find the right Blog or page.Learn how you can Simplify your Search Experience with Meta Search Engines and Aggregators.

Sputtr : Sputtr brings a Whole new dimension to your Search Experience.The home page features Blocks of important Search Engines styled horizontally in a Keyboard layout.Just type your Search Query and Select the Search provider .There are 48 Search Engines provided By default and you can always Customize your Sputtr page.
What makes it Different is that you can add your own websites and favorite blogs in your Sputtr page.So if you are a Lifehacker fan then just add Lifehacker Search in your Sputtr page.

Symbaloo : Symbaloo is a Similar Service like Sputtr  but you can search Deeper with categories.The search Buttons Represent Categories Instead of the  search engines themselves.For example if you want to search News you can Search through Google news,BBC news ,CNN etc. You can add your Search Engines as well.In Greek Symbaloo means “to assemble”.

Zuula Search : Zuula is a Blog Search Engine that lets You Filter the results from 9 Different Blog Search Engines (Google,yahoo,Gigablast,Live,Exalead,Alexa,mahalo,Wikia etc).The results from different Search Engines are neatly Organized in different tabs Which makes navigation Easier.

Zuula Is intelligent and it remembers your search queries And keeps them in the  sidebar.You can always Edit your tabs and Set preferences for Advanced Search and Custom Filters.All in all a Good Blog search Engine to Quickly hunt Information About Blogs.( A similar Service is Dogpile )

Includes  Web,Images,Video, News and Job Meta search.You can Download the Zuula toolbar and Add it to your Browser.

Joongel : Joongel is a Search Aggregator  for searching and navigating through the most popular sources on the Internet in different categories.You can run your search Query into 100 leading Search providers and get Results individually.Categories Includes :Images,Video,Shopping,Social,Torrents,Music,Health,Gossip etc.
Joongel searchSet the Homepage of  Joongel as your Browser home and See the difference.It neither Installs any Toolbar nor any Script but makes it really easy for you to search the Web.You can also Install the Joongel Search Plugin to search directly from your browser’s search bar.(IE and Firefox)

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Search.io : Brings a lot of Similar Search providers in a Single page and Allows you to See the Search results By Using Keyboard Shortcuts (Alt + Number ).The categories Include : Music,images,Blogs,Jobs,torrents,How to’s and much more

You can navigate between the Search results smoothly as it arranges the Search Results In Multiple Tabs.

Just Hover the Mouse Pointer on the selection Box and the Service Shows You a list of categories to choose From.

You can add your search to Delicious,Digg or stumbleupon profiles easily.See the latest Searches on Search.io.

Triplify : Triplify has a Different approach and it arranges the Search Results with a short Description below the title of the Search results .It currently Uses Google,yahoo and MSN Live search.The main Idea is to Compare the search results and Sort them.

So if you want to See how Your Site is performing In the top 3 Search Engines just type in a URL and see the results.You can always Exclude a search Engine from your Query.

URL.com : Aggregates The results from Google,Yahoo and MSN and Shows you the SERP position of the Query in a tabular Format.It also Allows users To Vote a search Query (needs Sign Ups) so you Get User influenced Search results. See the recent votes.

Scour : Scour Pulls the results from The Top 3 search Engines (Google,yahoo and MSN Live search) and Weighs the current rankings of the SERP’s with the Votes of the Users.The results shown Depend on their Algorithms and how users are reacting to the SERP’s.
You can Also get paid for your searches by providing votes and referring your friends.

addict-o-matic search page Addict-o-matic : Type Your Search Query in the Addict-o-matic box and it displays You relevant Content from Other popular Websites and Social Media.

It pulls the results via RSS from the best news and search sites on the web including Google, Yahoo, Technorati, Ask, YouTube, Truveo, Flickr, Blinkx, Ice Rocket, Digg, Topix, Newsvine and Tweetscan.The Blog Search Draws Results from the top 150-200 Blogs selected by the Addict-o-matic team

This it can be very useful in tracking the popularity of Your Blog posts over Multiple Sites (like Delicious,Digg or Google blog Search) at once.

Do you Know any Other Meta Search Engine that can Simplify Our Search Experience and Bring Effective Results ? Please Share with Us

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