Olark – The Easiest Option to Integrate Live Chat into Any Website

Live chat is the best option for any shopping website to provide customer support. Imagine a scenario in which you have created a shopping site on WordPress. Despite the fact that the WordPress Plugin repository provides many live chat plugins yet they have some kind of restrictions.

To solve this problem, you can try a third party live chat kit. Today, here is Olark, which is an easy-to-use third party live chat support provider. If you have just started your business and your website has only one employee to provide customer support, the free plan of Olark is more than enough.

Live Chat Support

Olark Pricing

Olark has several monthly, yearly even two year billing plan. All the features differs from plan to plan. (Features are mentioned below)

Bronze Plan: It comes with almost all core features but has some limitations like number of operator, phone support etc. It costs $17 per month.

Gold Plan: Alike Bronze plan, Gold Plan additionally has some confinement yet the impediments are less. It costs $49 for every month.

Platinum Plan: It has eight operators support alongside Groups. It costs $129 per month.

Ultimate Plan: You will get 15 operators support along with Groups and phone support.

Olark Features

Olark has tons of features to provide the best live chat support. Some of the most useful features are mentioned below.

Conversations: Although, the free version of Olark provides only 20 conversations per month but you will get unlimited conversations support in all premium accounts.

Operators: You will get only 1 operator support in Free and Bronze plan. Gold, Platinum and Ultimate plan has 4, 8 and 15 operators support respectively.

CRM Integration: You can send chat transcript to Zendesk and other similar CRM and Helpdesktop software. All the plans have this facility. However, you can send only 5 transcripts in free plan, 10 transcripts in Bronze plan, 40 transcripts in Platinum plan and 150 transcripts in Ultimate plan.

Phone Support: There are several times when your customer needs faster support and they can explain whole things over phone call. At such moment, you can provide Phone Support if you have Ultimate Plan.

There are some other features those are not available in free version but you can get them on paid Olark account. For instance, you can get Hide the chat bubble when your operator(s) is/are offline, close the chat bubble when users hide that, chat statistics and all the reports and more others.

Apart from the aforementioned features, you will get more standard features. You will get SSL support, mobile device support, Google apps for domain integration, visitor details (e.g. ISP, Location, IP, Operating System, and Browser etc.), Google Analytics integration and more others.

Integrate Olark into WordPress

This is very easy. Head over to Official Olark website and sign up for a plan. After signing up, Olark will ask you to verify your site. That verification means, you have to put a few lines to code in your website.

Copy Code to Verify Website

You will get the desired code on your screen after signing up. Just copy and paste that inside <body> tag.

If you have done it successfully, you will get a success message like this.

Success Message

To start chatting, just click on the chat bubble and type your message. The operator will get customers’ query right away. Apart from the message, the operator will get customers’ IP address, browser information, operating system, ISP details, GPS location and more others.

Start Chatting in Olark

This is also possible to Transfer, Block, Unfollow and do more other things by an operator. If you have multiple operator support, you can also forward any chat from one operator to any other operator.

So, this is Olark, the easiest method to integrate live chat support into any website.

What do you think about this Olark?

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