How to Read Facebook Message without Notifying Sender

Facebook has gained such a huge success because of many reasons. First, this is completely free. Second, it comes with free apps those will let you connect with your Facebook friends all the time. Although, there are more other reasons but these are the most notable things that Facebook has. You might have used Facebook to connect with friends or just to play games. There are many people, who often open Facebook just to play games as many game developers often launch various interesting games on Facebook.

Suppose, you are playing games on Facebook from your mobile and someone is sending messages continuously. If you have Facebook Messenger, you will keep getting the chat heads all the time what may distract your while playing games. Or, suppose, you do not want to reply someone at a particular time.

However, if you open the Facebook message to read and then decide to ignore that message, it will be a big problem for you because Facebook shows a time stamp when you read the message or when you were online for the last time.

How to read Facebook message without notifying sender

Therefore, your lovable person can be angry because of getting ignored. Now the only thing you can do is you can read Facebook message without notifying sender. Obviously, this is possible to read the message from the status bar or the chat head. However, if you notice, you can find two problems. First, the status bar will not show all the messages. It shows only last message from all the senders (if you have got messages from multiple people). Second, the chat head shows message for a particular set of time. After that, you will have to open the chat head to get the message.

To solve this problem, here is a solution. You can easily read Facebook message without notifying sender. Just like WhatsApp, you must have to download a third party software. The good thing is this app is completely free and very useful. At the same time, it doesn’t consume a lot of memory to run in the background.

Read Facebook Message without Notifying Sender

Introducing Unseen. This is the app that will assist you to read all the Facebook messages without leaving any last seen stamp or sending read receipt. Unseen for Android is available for Android 4.3 and later version. Although, it has a $1 purchase, but you do not need that to get things done.

At first, download and install Unseen on your Android mobile. After opening it, you will get a screen like this,

Unseen start screen

Just tap on ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY and activate this app from Accessibility settings. Therefore, whenever you will get any message on Facebook, you will get a chat head from Unseen. If you tap on that, you can find all the messages in one screen.

Unseen message on Android

Now, you can read your Facebook messages from here. Talking about the security, Unseen is very much safe and there is no doubt on this. Otherwise, it could not have such a big fan base.

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