A Simple Trick To Remember Long Passwords

Previously, we have discussed some tricks and tools to remember complex passwords. The tutorial includes different ways to remember a difficult and complicated password using a URL shortener, a password manager, a password card or using an MD5 hash key.

If the above tricks sounds too geeky and you want a simple solution to remember a long and strong password, try this simple trick.

The problem with Strong Passwords

There are basically two problems with secure passwords. First, they are difficult to remember and if you have used special characters, numbers and symbols – it’s almost impossible to memorize an 18 digit string that makes no sense.

Second, you have to remember the passwords for different websites e.g email, Facebook, blogs, Amazon, Twitter and so on. You can’t afford to choose the same password for each of these websites, because doing that will make all your accounts less secure. If a hacker manages to crack one of your online accounts, he will certainly guess the password of the other account in no time.

This brings us to a conclusion that

  • You have to pick a relatively long password mixing alphanumeric characters, symbols, letters and may be punctuation marks.
  • You have to choose different passwords for different online accounts e.g email, social networks, blogs and so on.
  • You have to find a way to remember passwords in your head, without having to use a password manager or a paper ( a big no no!)

How to Remember a Set of Difficult Passwords By Remembering a Phrase

The Digital Inspiration blog shares an amazing tip which will let you remember different passwords used with different websites. All you have to do is remember a memorable phrase of your choice.

Step 1: Pick a very unusual not so common phrase which is easy to remember e.g Jack Went to College On Monday, But Returned Home On Thursday.

Step 2: Extract a particular letter from each of the words used in the sentence. You may choose to pick a letter from any position e.g jwtcombrhot (selecting the first letter of each word in the sentence)

Step: 3: Add some special characters within the generated string. To make life easy, you can insert these symbols at the beginning and at the end of the phrase.g #jwtcombrhot&

Step 4: So you have a secure password (#jwtcombrhot&) which is easy to remember. Now you can customize this password and manipulate it to go with each of the websites you use on a daily basis.

Step 5: Now you have to create a password rule e.g picking up the consonants of the host website, picking the first three characters of the host website and so on. The rule depends totally on your wish, the more unique your password rule is, the more secured and harder to crack it becomes.

Here are a couple of examples:

Gmail – #jwtcombrhot&gma (Picking the first three characters from Gmail and adding it to the end)
Facebook –
#jwtcombrhot&fac (Picking the first three characters from Facebook and adding it to the end)

I hope you have got the idea. Here is a video which clearly demonstrates the idea of remembering long and complex passwords:

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