Where to Get Royalty Free Images for Your Next Project?

If you often face problems to get images without any copyright issue, here are some most possible solutions. By making use of these royalty free images, you won’t get into trouble like copyright void etc.

Generally, newbie bloggers face this problem and this is a common issue among bloggers. Most of the newcomers use regular Google Image Search to find relevant images to their blog post. If you have done this previously, this is recommended to stop doing this particular thing. This is nothing but piracy because you are voiding someone’s copyright.

Where to Get Royalty Free Images for Your Next Project

You cannot even download image from any other blog, remove the Exif data and then upload that to your blog. In this way, you are ignoring that primary blog’s copyright and that blog owner has the right to take legal step over you.

So, how to find royalty free image to use in blog post or any offline project?

This is a common question among some freelance writers as well. I have personally seen some people to use regular Flickr search to get attractive images. That is not actually correct. Not even all Flickr images are applicable to use in your blog or anywhere else.

Some reliable sources to get free images

Obviously, you can use various premium image production services like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, GraphicStock and more others. However, they seem much expensive when you want to get image for a single project or blog post.

Flickr Advanced Search

You can use Flickr’s Advanced Search option to find copyright free images. Although, they are not on public domain but still you can use those images by giving a simple credit. But to use Flickr’s images, you will have to understand different Creative Commons Licenses. Flickr’s images are attributed by different CC licenses. For instance, CC 2.0 etc. protect some images. You can easily use CC 2.0 images by giving proper credit to the original source.


This is yet another great source to find awesome images. According to the Terms of Use of Pixabay, you can freely download and use their images. All of their images are bound to Creative Commons Deed CC0. That means, you can use Pixabay images without giving any credit. However, as per Pixabay, a little credit link would be nice.

Nevertheless, you should note that, you could not use their image in any illegal purpose or any pornographic website.

 Google Image Search

This is true that you cannot use all images from Google Image Search. But not all of their images are copyrighted. You can also find royalty free images using Google Image Search. You just have to do a small trick. At first, search an image using any keyword. Then click the Search Tools button and expand the Usage Rights link. You will get some rights i.e. Labeled for reuse with modification, labeled for reuse etc.

Google Image Search Usage Rights

Choose a particular right and download image to use them.

Getty Images

This is one of the most popular stock photo providers out there. However, Getty Images also provide some royalty free images for everyone. Anybody can use their images. However, they have only one restriction. You cannot edit their images and you have to use their native code to embed image on any webpage. To find royalty free images, go to Getty Images and search using any keyword. After that, filter the search by Royalty Free. You will get some image with an embed icon. Just click that button and copy the code to paste on your webpage.


Actually, Freepik is for designers. But nowadays, everyone is using this website to down royal-free images. Not only photos but also you can get vectors, PSD and icons at Freepik. But you should remember that a credit link is must whenever you use Freepik.

Bottom Line

I hope that you will get tons of attractive images from these above-mentioned resources. Also, remember that never ever use copyrighted images using Print Screen. That is the nothing but an offense.

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