Be Safe Online with eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security

With growing number of gadgets getting optimized for online use we are gradually getting drawn into the cyber era where web will the dominant platform. Virus attacks are no more casual occurrences on your Windows PC from online sources. Those are now some serious concern that needs to be dealt with sophisticated professional care. True there are tons of antiviruses available in the market to choose from but it becomes hard to select one for being safe online.


eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud security is one such product I have been using lately that has performed quite satisfactorily as per my demands to locate and protect from viruses while being online. This is an antivirus built to secure personal PCs from an wide range of threats. The real-time protection and a firewall offered by the product protects your personal computer from adware, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, malware, hackers, spammers and phishing. Among others the antivirus also offers email spam filtering which is also a major concern in daily paperless correspondence. The firewall ensures a safe environment where you do not need to worry about unauthorized access.

While most antivirus are a a little gawky to use, eScan ISS offers an intuitive and easy to use GUI that has most functions automated to make the task of an average user simple. An interesting feature that makes eSCan ISS a comprehensive tool is that the virus data is collected from loads of users around the globe to provide a complete protection to evolving threats. This makes sure that you have the latest virus definitions without waiting for the traditional way of virus definition updates that are synced from the server once a day or when available. The tool is also resource friendly and only takes a meager amount from your hard disk and RAM space. The excellent customer support is another advantage that comes with this tool.

Features of eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security

1. User friendly and trendy graphical user interface.

2. Cloud Synced Virus Definitions.

3. Fast on-demand system scan.

4. File and folder based access permissions.

5. Automatic back-up and restoration.

6. Better parental control if you have kids to worry about.

7. Two way firewall that can be customized to control network traffic.

8. Secure delete ensures complete removal of infected files.

9. eScan adds a second layer of password protection to Windows safe mode.

10. eScan also provide protection to your PC from a very common form of infection which is via USB or flash drives.

You can have free 30 Days Trial Download of eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows. Once the trial period is over you will have to buy eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows. The tool is priced at INR1300 which is a reasonable amount for worry free online experience. If you are a serious online shopper or an online professional, give the tool a try. In my case, there were a few instances where it may have missed a few trivial threats but on most occasions it acted as it was designed to. It’s worth every penny.

For further details please visit eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows Information Page.

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