Recycle Bin For Chrome Remembers Closed Tabs, Let’s You Search And Restore Them

Google Chrome has a built in feature that saves “recently closed” tabs as a list. Using the recently closed list you can quickly open a webpage that was recently closed or accidentally closed. The “recently closed” list of tabs in accessible from Google Chrome’s new tab page. If you have accidentally closed a bunch of tabs in Google Chrome and want to open closed tabs in Chrome, you can use the “recently closed” option from the new tab page.

But often times, I don’t find Chrome’s recently closed tab list fullfilling my needs. I use a lot of browser tabs in Google Chrome, cycling through a sea of tabs, opening new ones, closing old ones; this goes on until I feel the need of re-opening a browser tab that I closed long back. Unfortunately, Google Chrome’s built in “recently closed” tabs feature saves the last 10 tabs that I closed, which I find inadequate.

If you want Google Chrome to remember more closed tabs and let you search for a closed tab by name, try the Recycle Bin extension for Google Chrome. Its a nifty little utility which remembers upto 100 of closed tabs in Google Chrome, so you can revisit a browser tab later.

Once you have installed the extension, go to the extension options and specify the number of tabs that you want the extension to save. Since I work full time on the internet, I have my number as 100, but you can choose a number that suits your preferences. Once Recycle Bin for Chrome is active, the extension will keep an eye on the browser tabs that you close. The extension will save all closed tabs in Google Chrome into its list, along with the timestamp and date. This helps you remember when you closed a tab in Google Chrome and restore it whenever you want to.

The best thing about Recycle Bin for Chrome is the search feature, which allows me to find a specific browser tab that was closed. For example, if I was readding a Wikipedia article 6 hours back and don’t really remember which page I was on, all I have to do is click the recycle bin button in Google Chrome, type Wikipedia in the search box and the extension will open the previously closed webpage for me.

There is more. Sometimes, you remember the domain name of a webpage which you were reading earlier but can’t recollect the exact name or title of the page. Recycle bin lets you search for a closed tab by domain name, so you can quickly find all the webpages that you were reading from a specific website. This is insanely clever and useful if you have the habit of working through a series of tabs and you repeatedly fail to remember which one you closed recently.

On the flip side, one can use Chrome’s “History” feature to find recently closed pages in Google Chrome. But personally, I don’t find it useful because Chrome’s History feature is too exhaustive and contains the list of each and every page I have visited. There is no way to filter and see only the pages or tabs that I had closed recently. On the other hand, the extension does a nice job in recording and saving all the browser tabs that you close in Google Chrome and allows you to search for tabs that were closed recently.

GIve Recycle Bin for Chrome a spin and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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