How to Send Text messages without Any Service Network

The article heading seems to be a bit insane. Like a kind of virtual guff. Right? Hell, no. Lately, goTenna, transfigured this abstract concept into a real product. This magnificent device will let you send text messages without any service network or wifi and this freedom also empowers this gadget to work from anywhere on this planet. It’s like having the ticket to Noah’s arc when the rest of your known world appears on the verge of an oblivion.

How goTenna Works

Its bluetoothLE data interface pairs with both Android and iOS powered smartphones, wirelessly. It has the ability to pair with your smart toys within a radius of 20 feet from your phone. Through the dedicated goTenna applications for Android and iOS devices will enable you to send text message or share a location. This dust-tight and waterproof device is robust enough to combat any rough weather and situation.

When your smartphone sends the message to any goTenna, it shoots that message out using long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz), to the other goTenna devices or any particular one, depending upon your sharing settings. The receiver of your message can read and send you another message or his location details via same channel. Thankfully, this whole ring of the information exchange consumes time in milliseconds.


Any goTenna device is pretty much able to transmit information to any other goTenna user within range and it’s working range has been another breakthrough. It can transmit data from a staggering 50 miles away within 500 foot altitude, where it is mostly needed(open water, suburban, urban, forest, desert). Although, this working range depends greatly on your geographical location. Within any concrete cladded city it will surely fall down from it’s standard range. Still, you can expect a few miles of working range from it. An Interactive range calculator is available to check things out.


Added to its ground breaking offerings, goTenna also owns some ‘must have’ features. Anywhere on this planet, if you are alone and in trouble, ‘shout’ out loud with your goTenna. It will convey your message to every goTenna devices within its working range. You will get your breathing back when it will confirm you, that your message has been delivered, successfully, to their destinations.

Like a beacon in the dark, it will also guide those helping hands to your location by revealing your exact position on a detailed offline vector map, accessible through your smartphone’s GPS system. Moreover, an emergency chatting system is also programmed in it. One of the most important thing is battery backup. Users need to have the extremely precise information on this factor.


According to its developers, it will remain alive for 30 hours if used 24×7, which can be further stretched to 2-3 full days if used intermittently. Also, it can hold the last drop of juice for more than a year when it’s switched off. Apart from these tech specs, what should really fascinate its users is that, even when your phone gets power drained, if it’s connected to a goTenna device, the latter will still receive and store messages, broadcasted to it. Obviously, the last insurance you need.

Founders of goTenna, Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, visioned this futuristic device amidst the complete annihilation of the 10 USA states by hurricane ‘Sandy’ in October, 2012. On that day, there was no home, no food, no power, no communications but there was one thing. Boldness. These two enlightened souls and the rest of the gTenna team, with their accumulated hope, proved it. Personally, I feel extremely elated. I share the same race. Humanity.


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