Show Lock Screen Background Picture on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 is certainly an awesome operating system out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. From the day 1 of Windows 10 development, Microsoft is trying to implement something new every day and as a result, they have created an awesome OS for the users, which can be used by any kind of people including students, developers, gamers, businessman etc.

Windows 10 has become more popular because it comes with user friendly options panel, what may help you to do something faster. For example, if you want to want to change the background picture of Windows 10 lock screen, you can simply make use of the new settings panel of this OS. Variety of things can be done in this operating system without using any expert knowledge.

Anyway, you know that Windows comes with a lock screen, which appears first, when you will start your machine. Or the same thing can be appeared if you press Win + L. This lock screen doesn’t contain anything important. However, you can find date, time etc. along with a beautiful wallpaper in the lock screen. On the other hand, if you press any button on the lock screen, you can find sign-in screen, which contains your username/computer name, email ID (if you are using Microsoft account) and password box, where you can enter your password to sign-in to your machine.

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Now the problem is you can change the background image of lock screen, but this is not possible to change the same of sign-in screen. If you are using stable version of Windows 10, you cannot find any option to change the background image of sign-in screen. Nevertheless, some people may want to decorate the sign-in screen. Although, this is not so important, yet, you may want to replace the traditional Windows 10 wallpaper with something else that you want. If so, you may have to follow this guide to get things done.

Before, that, you should know that this feature is not available in stable version of Windows 10. You will get such feature in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291. As of now, Microsoft has included this feature in this edition and they may continue it in next versions as well. Therefore, if you are using Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291 or later version build, you can follow this guide to show lock screen background picture on sign-in screen.

Show Lock Screen Background Picture on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

This is very easy and not much time consuming as it comes with a built-in option in new settings panel of Windows 10. You will just have to make a change in order to change sign-in screen’s background picture of Windows 10. Therefore, at first, open the new settings panel of Windows 10 by pressing Win + I. Therefore, go to PERSONALIZATION settings.

Here, you can find a tab called Lock Screen. Switch to that and scroll down. Now, you can find the option called Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen.

How to show lock screen background image on sign in screen

Just toggle the button to get things done. That’s it! Hope this tiny tutorial would be helpful for you.

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