How to Store Browsing History of Incognito Mode of Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser that is being by them, who do not want to consume huge bandwidth yet want to get a good browsing speed. Yes, Google Chrome can do so without hurting your experience as Google has developed this browser in such a way that it can be useful any time by any kind of user.

In almost all web browsers, you can find two different modes i.e. regular browsing mode and Incognito mode. If you use normal browsing mode, it will let you store all the things including pages, cookies, cache, password and all. However, if you use Incognito Mode, you would not be able to store any browsing history at all.

Incognito Mode doesn’t store anything and this is why many people often opt for this when they need to hide their browsing history. Generally, websites track the user using cookies. But, if you use incognito mode, any website cannot track you as cookies get deleted when you close the browser window.

How to Store Browsing History of Incognito Mode of Chrome

It has an advantage as well as disadvantage. The advantage is no one can check your browsing history. The disadvantage is if you want to check your browsing history later, you can’t. Sometime, we need to check the browsing history to do something. However, if you use incognito mode, this is certainly not possible.

To solve this problem, here is a simple solution. Here is a Google Chrome extension that will let you store browsing history of incognito mode of Google Chrome. You do not need any heavy software or anything else. Just a simple and tiny extension can do the job.

Store Browsing History of Incognito Mode of Chrome

Like said before, you have to install an extension. This is called Off The Record History. It works with incognito mode only and you cannot use it with normal browsing window. However, this is very tiny but really useful extension for Google Chrome.

The only drawback of this extension is if you close the incognito browser window, the history will be removed immediately. That means, you will get the recently opened websites list as long as the browser window is opened. Whenever, you will close the window, the history will be deleted.

Therefore, at first, install Off The Record History extension on your Google Chrome web browser. Following that, you have to enable it for Incognito Mode as by default, extensions do not work with incognito mode. To do so, just click on the options menu >> More tools >> Extensions. Here, you have to make a tick in the check-box that is labelled under this extension.

Enable Off The Record History in Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Following that, you can open incognito mode and browser webpages. You can find two different tabs i.e. Recently closed and Full History. They do what the names say. That means, you can find recently closed tabs in the Recently closed section and the full browsing history in the Full history section.

Browsing history of off the record hisotry extension

That’s it! Hope this tiny extension can help you a lot.

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