Things to Know Before You Buy A Smartphone

Buying a smartphone is not a new trend today. There are various categories of people and their basic needs (before buying a smartphone) are completely different. Some people buy smartphones and after a few days of using they sell it and buy a latest one. There is also another class who buy a smartphone according to their needs. How much money they can afford is another important factor to them.


In this article, I don’t consider first category people who hardly use a smartphone for 3-4 months. This article is only for those who use a smartphone in a smart way for more than 2 years. Technology is advancing day by day. So you can’t grab a latest one in this smartphone world. Just buy a smart phone which can fulfill all your criteria. That’s all.

Specification of a smartphone is a very important factor. It is very much challenging task to choose a suitable smartphone for you. However, I am discussing here few things that is very important before buying a smartphone.

Operating System:

OS selection is a major part before you make a purchase. For phone and tablets choices are as follows.

  • Android OS – Very popular and now it is used in variety of phone. Variety of free apps are available from Apps store.
  • iOS – Only is used in Apples device. Very costly.
  • Windows OS – It’s popularity gradually increases. Windows OS is a product of Microsoft and still now as popular as Android.
  • Blackberry OS –  Generally used by the people who need high-end data encryption. This OS is very much secure as far as privacy is concerned.

Display Size and Quality:

  • You should choose 4”-6” screen size for your phone. I personally prefer 4.5” as it is very easy to carry.
  • The color density should be 16M.
  • Display type should be IPS capacitive.

Processor, RAM and ROM:

  • Minimum 1Gzh Dual Core processor is needed to run a smartphone smoothly.
  • 1GB Ram and 4GB Rom is definitely needed for a smart performance.

Battery Life:

  • 2000mAH battery is standard for a good smartphone. Lesser mAH means you will have to charge your phone frequently.

Camera Quality:

  • 5MP to 8MP back camera and 2MP front camera should be good criteria. Otherwise captured image quality will not be pretty good.


  • 3g support with HSDPA should be needed for a good internet connectivity.
  • Design should be good enough.
  • Presence of different apps is very much necessary. So, apps compatibility is vital.
  • Upto 32GB of sd card support is also very much necessary.

Bottom Line:

Here, I tell about some necessary features of a good smartphone. However, budget is the first and foremost factor before you buy a smartphone. It is not always necessary to have everything on a smartphone. I suggest you to go for the features those are mainly important to you. As criteria vary person to person, so every phone is not ideal for everyone. Before you buy a phone, do enough homework, take some expert advice and consider what model and brand you will buy.

In my opinion, going behind a brand is a bad practice. Go for specifications and features and of course, quality is the primary factor. So, buy a quality product within your budget.

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