Tips to Apply for Google Apps Referral Program in India

Google Apps for Work have been quite famous with various businesses. To promote such applications, Google had a referral program in place for quite some time, even though it wasn’t available in India. Now, this Google Apps Referral program has been launched in India as well. Thus, Indian publishers have a good Google Adsense alternative to earn money online from their websites or blogs.

Google Apps for Work

In this article, we shall discuss the process to apply for Google Apps Referral Program in India and all related terms and conditions to help Indian publishers earn referral income online when their readers sign-up for the referral program from Google.

Introduction to Google Apps Referral Program

Google has offered an income-generating referral program to promote Google Apps through bloggers or website owners who attract good traffic to their websites. In India, this program has been released recently and Indian bloggers or webmasters can apply for it and start making money when their readers sign-up for the Google Apps using the referral link shared on their blog or website. As of now, one can earn about $7.50 per sign-up to this referral program.

Pre-requisites for Google Apps Referral Program

You just need an email address to register for this program and a bank account in order to receive the referral commission.

How can one register for Google Apps Referral Program?

Once you have a proper email address and your bank account number available with you, you can visit the following URL to submit your registration for this program:
Google Apps for Work Referral Program Sign-up

Google Apps Referral Program sign up process step 1

In the drop-down list of valid countries, you could see India is now available. Select your country as ‘India’, enter your email address and name details as well as agree to the Google referral program terms and conditions.

Google Apps referral program registration step 2

Then, click on ‘Submit’ to receive a confirmation about an email being sent to your registered email address.

Google Apps Referral Process step 4

Now, when you check your email, you would have received a unique referral link for this program that you can immediately start using on your blog or website to invite others to join Google Apps for Work. That’s it. In the email, you will also receive two coupon codes enabling Rs.300 discount on yearly basis for new sign-ups.

The registration process is now complete and you can start minting money from your blog through this way. This is a pretty unique of earning money from your website as compared to the normal contextual ads or textual ads or affiliate programs that you might already be using.

Important terms and conditions

You can earn the referral amount on monthly basis through wire transfer. The referral amount is paid for every user sign-up through your referral’s account i.e. you earn your first referral commission when your referral manages to create the first user. For every such referral account, you get paid for the first 100 users setup. You will be paid the commission only for users who have paid for 120 days.

It is encouraging to know that you can promote your referral link through emails as well, but you need to provide an option for readers to opt-out of such emails in future. You need to follow some ethics while promoting your referral link by ensuring that you do not lure readers to join the program in return for some incentive. You should leave the choice up to the readers by offering them the referral program as it is.

If someone wants to join Google Apps for Work program, they would definitely do it using your referral link. Tracking is very easy as it is not based on the cookies. If the sign-up happens through click on your referral URL, it would be easily tracked and registered for future pay-out.

I am sure most Indian bloggers would love to try this referral programme as it is much easier to get started with (as seen above). For some established bloggers, they can even try out the Google Apps Reseller program which is a bit more complex. For now, please feel free to share your views about this referral program for Google Apps. Do you think it could become a major source of income for blogs and websites?

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