Top 5 OS for Raspberry Pi 2

The size doesn’t tell how great a device can be and Raspberry Pi has proved that twice. The initial release of Raspberry Pi was a massive success. Now, the Raspberry Pi 2 is even more successful because of getting the third party OS support or compatibility. Bu default Raspberry Pi 1 and Raspberry Pi 2 come with a Debian based specially designed OS called Raspbian. However, now, this is possible to install other operating system in Raspberry Pi 2. If you own a Raspberry Pi 2 and want to sue other OS or other Linux distribution, here is a list, which you can use to get more out of this little gadget.

Ubuntu Snappy Core

UBuntu Snappy Core

This is one of the best operating systems available for Raspberry Pi 2. Ubuntu is the most user friendly Linux distribution. If you are new to use Linux, Ubuntu Snappy Core will surely help you. This is mainly designed for Raspberry Pi 2. You can download the stable version of this operating system. At the same time, you can be a developer preview user, which is NOT developed by Ubuntu developers. You can create your own flash drive to install Snappy Core. This is possible to download x86 as well as x64 version of this OS.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system for Microsoft lovers. However, now you can install Windows 10 in Raspberry Pi 2 without having any issue. According to Microsoft, it is still under development for Raspberry Pi 2 but you can surely be an Insider to get it right now. It has told that you can use Windows 10 with Raspberry Pi 2 withuot a screen. But, what will someone do without having a screen? Anyway, Windows 10 will surely be a great success.


Not official but you can use Android with Raspberry Pi 2. Some people have claimed that Android is not running well. This is because Raspberry Pi has Intel based architecture and Android run with ARM based architecture. However, some people have successfully installed Android in their respective gadget. Although, no Android version or no special edition for Raspberry Pi has been made official, but the aforementioned video, will show you how to install Android in Raspberry Pi 2. The installation doesn’t require an expert knowledge. In fact, it will not take more than 20 minutes to get everything done.

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu MATE is yet another great operating system for this little computer. Users can install Ubuntu MATE just like regular Ubuntu because this is having armhf base. The most interesting thing is you can use almost all the applications like LibreOffice after install this OS in Raspberry Pi 2. Currently, Ubuntu MATE is having a 15.04 version tag and available in different languages (like regular Ubuntu for desktop). Some people have claimed that HD video is not running in Ubuntu MATE. However, that is not confirmed because OMXplayer runs smoothly in Raspberry Pi 2. The UI is also neat and clean and it looks like Ubuntu for Desktop.

Fedora 21 REMIX

Fedora for Raspberry Pi 2

Just like Linux MINT, Fedora is another great OS for developers. If you want to do your software development related works, Fedora should be your first preference. The latest version of Fedora for desktop brings some important improvements. And Fedora 21 REMIX comes with almost all those things. This available for Raspberry Pi 2 at free of cost. But, you must have an 8GB SD card. Otherwise, you cannot do anything with Fedora 21 REMIX for Raspberry Pi 2. This is much faster than Ubuntu Snappy Core and Windows 10.

Wrap Up

Raspbian is indeed a great OS for Raspberry Pi. There is actually no need to use any other OS. Nevertheless, if you really want to change your operating system for some testing purpose or development purpose, these above-mentioned OS can surely do your job.

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