Top 8 Job Search Mobile Applications for Job Seekers

Besides getting a thoroughly professional CV created to apply for jobs in different companies, the most important task for every job seeker is to ensure having an updated online job profile. In this age of digital advancement, one of the most popular tips to get good job opportunities is to explore job search websites as well as job hunting mobile apps. This would ensure your professional prowess and skills profile is accessible to most recruiters, HR agencies, staffing coordinators, etc.

Job search mobile applications will allow potential job seekers to look out for jobs even on the go. These would enable them access to job updates 24/7 as the right opportunity (to get hired) can arrive at any point of time. In this article, we shall review some of the best mobile apps to find jobs on Android or iOS devices.

  1. 1. LinkedIn Job Search App (Free for Android & iOS)

    Social networking may not be a bad thing if its done on a professional platform like LinkedIn. This popular social network for professionals has come up with its own standalone job search application. Your dream job may not be far away and this tool will enhance your chances of getting the right job position as per your choice. Job seekers can look out for various career opportunities with top companies based on their choice of location, job profile, job posting date, job posting company, etc.

    LinkedIn Job Search App

    The LinkedIn Job Search application can save your search criteria that helps you to filter out the unwanted job openings. Once a new job opening arrives that matches your criteria, the app notifies the user accordingly. The users can save interesting jobs so that they can view them in detail when they have time. “Will people in my LinkedIn contact list come to know about my job search updates?” was one of the major worries for job hunters when this app was launched. However, privacy is an important feature of this app and no one in your network would come to know about your job finding activity.

    Free Download LinkedIn Job Search Tool for Android
    LinkedIn Job Search iOS App Download

  1. 2. Jobs by CareerBuilder (free for Android & iOS)

    An exciting option for any one looking out for lucrative jobs would be to get fingertips access to the largest job site in US which is This free jobs app from CareerBuilder enables users to upload their CV directly from the device or via Dropbox. You need not have an account with them to get instant access to over 2 million job postings on CareerBuilder website. You can search as well as filter out jobs and apply to the relevant ones with simple swipes on your smart device. The job seekers will receive notifications when their job application is received as well as viewed by an employer. They can also keep track of the job application history as well as save jobs to apply later.

    CareerBuilder Job Search App

    A special feature offered by this app is to empower users with reports of their competition. In simple words, you can check out the number of applicants for every job post that you apply. Also, you can get details about your competition’s average work experience and education levels. Android users can download Jobs by CareerBuilder App for free from this link, while job seekers can get it on their iOS devices from here.

  1. 3. Indeed Job Search (free for Android and iOS)

    Similar to other job hunting apps discussed above, this one too allows some basic functionalities like searching relevant jobs filtered by location, company, skills, etc. as well as uploading resume to your free Indeed account. You can personalize the app to get latest jobs sent to your email regularly and you can apply to relevant job positions from within the app itself. It even enables you to set reminder for applying to jobs that you had saved earlier.

    Indeed Job Search App

    The good part about this app is that it uses Indeed search engine to provide consolidated access to millions of jobs from different newspaper classifieds online, other online job boards as well as company career (or recruitment) pages. You are able to search for the right job profile within Indeed database of over 15 million jobs in 50 different countries and 28 languages. Another interesting feature offered is the employee feedback option which allows you to check the review of a company (shared by thousands of other employees) before applying for it. Thus, you can give honest review of your own employer as well as compare ratings of different companies while choosing one for your job application.

    Install Indeed Job Search Android App
    Download Indeed Job Search for iOS

  1. 4. LinkUp Job Search Engine (free for Android and iOS)

    Most of us who have ever applied for jobs online would agree to the fact that we generally look for job vacancies for our favorite companies directly from their website’s career page instead of any job posting forums. The reason is the job listing on company’s website gives us the confidence that it absolutely genuine, whereas job openings posted on online job boards may not always be verified ones (and could be fake). So, you can easily stay away from fraudulent job posts.

  2. This job search engine app from pulls data from employer websites directly and gives access to multiple job openings that may not always be publicly listed on other job forums or search engines. It notifies you about latest jobs as well as when any employer closes a job opening (by successfully recruiting someone). You can search and apply for right career opportunities from the device itself. One can download this app for free for your Android device here. For iOS devices, the LinkUp Search Engine App can installed from this link.

  1. 5. Simply Hired Job Search (free for iOS and Android)

    This one is pretty similar to Indeed Job Search app. It gives aggregated access to a variety of job openings posted across company websites, online job forums, job boards, online newspaper jobs sections, etc. through its vast job search engine. Users of this app can set unlimited email alerts for latest jobs from the Simply Hired database. Other basic job search and job application features are built-in within the app. You can easily create your CV using your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs directly within the app by sharing your resume. Since it has such a vast database of job vacancies, you are bound to get more specific job search results by using appropriate filter criteria.

    Free Download Simply Hired Job Search Android App
    Grab Simply Hired iOS App from iTunes Store

    Simply Hired App

  1. 6. Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews (free for iOS & Android)

    Glassdoor is known as a community forum that is totally career-oriented. With their own Job Search, Salaries & Reviews App, users now have access to numerous job listings from across the world as well as get deep insights about various company reviews and salary reports. Many times you may come across exciting job opportunities from companies about whom you may not have heard a lot. For such job offers, this app clearly helps you to know more about the company (its work environment, senior management, etc.) as well as determine your earning potential based on the details shared by employees (current or previous) of the same company.

    Glassdoor Job Search

    The salaries feature allows job seekers to calculate and research averages for basic pay packages, bonus, variable pay, ESOPs, etc. Such detailed information is very rare to find across any other job search engines and so this app clearly stands out. This app has a dedicated section for ‘Interview Questions & Reviews’, where you can browse through job interview questions asked at popular companies as well as read reviews shared by candidates about their interview experience with different companies. To get hold of this wonderful app with unique features, you can download it for free on your Android device here and on your iOS device here.

  1. 7. JobMo Job Search (free for iOS and Android)

    For those people who want to save time by not looking for jobs individually at different known sites like Monster, Simply Hired, The Ladder, etc., this is a perfect app. If you can access all the jobs posted on these famous sites from a single app, why would you want to spend time on each of those sites separately! With JobMo app, you can check out all the job offers posted across sites, shortlist your favorite ones and apply to them. Additional features include interactive maps with the ability to look out for jobs nearby where you live i.e. easy local jobs search.

    JobMo Search App

    It also empowers you to discuss about various job options, review companies and get interview tips from other users of the app. One can also view the salary trends and compare market standards for their own existing salary. So, the next time you hunt for a job, you can save time with this multi-functionality app available for users of Android and iOS.

  1. 8. Reach (free for Android and iOS)

    The world has evolved so much that now people need to explore and make the most of innovative ways to increase their professional network and bag a life-changing career opportunity or job. It is time job seekers avoid restricting their job search to just browsing job openings online or in newspaper columns and applying accordingly for their preferred jobs. With an innovative professional networking app like Reach, one can explore various horizons by getting in touch with different professionals in their local area.

    It is a easy-to-use app where you simply have to sign-in using your email id or directly use your LinkedIn account id to just browse through the list of professionals who have checked-in at nearby locations. Your phone’s GPS is also put to work for locating any professional who may belong to the same domain as you. Once you find someone interesting with whom you want to learn something professionally or get a job referral or get some company reviews, you can simply ‘Reach’ out to that person by sending a request via the app. If the concerned professional accepts your request, your contacts get exchanged with each other and you can start a healthy professional discussion (in person or over chat).

    Free Download of Reach Android App
    Install Reach iOS App

There is cut-throat competition out there for less number of job positions or job posts. So, you need to be on your toes and explore different options to find out the perfect dream job of yours. The above discussed mobile applications will help you in your hunt for a job in the best possible manner. By using them you would have all your bases covered to ensure a smooth and time-saving job search.

There are many other job apps like Monster Job Search, Snagajob, etc. which would be pretty similar to ones discussed above and you need not stay active on two apps that provide you with almost same open job options. You can compare the different app features discussed above and make a choice as to which one suits you for the type of job that you are looking for! Please feel free to discuss below about any innovative job hunting apps that have proved useful for you.

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