Ultimate Guide to Transfer Files from PC to Mobile

Have you purchased a brand new mobile? Do you want to get your favorite music, videos, wallpapers and some official documents in your mobile? Here is the ultimate guide for you that will let you transfer files from PC to mobile within moments.

USB Cable



This is the fastest way to transfer files from PC to mobile. You can use a USB cable that comes with your mobile accessories box. Nowadays, most of the people own Android or iOS smartphone. The most exciting thing is all iOS and Android devices have the support to connect the mobile to PC with USB cable.

Although, Android and iOS have has different steps to be followed by a user but the core thing is same. You can use iTunes to transfer file from PC to iOS device. On the other hand, you can select either USB storage or Media device (MTP) on Android to transfer files.

The performance of USB Storage is better than Media Device for Android.

Card Reader


Do you have a memory card in your mobile? If YES, you can use a card reader to transfer files from PC to mobile within seconds. This transfer speed would be very fast (Although, it depends on your memory card’s class.) but the whole thing is much time-consuming. You can unplug your memory card, insert that in the Card Reader and then it will be ready to transfer files. That is why most of the people avoid it.



Apart from quite old desktop and laptop computers, almost all the laptop and desktop PC have Bluetooth. If your PC does not contain a Bluetooth, you can use external Bluetooth device to transfer files from PC to mobile. This is quite fast and much time-saving than Card Reader. You can send all kind of files via Bluetooth. On the other hand, you don’t have to be worried of security.



This is yet another brilliant procedure to send files. You can use various WiFi File Transfer application on your PC and mobile to transfer files. All you need to have the corresponding WiFi file transfer application and be connected via same WiFi router. After that, you can use your router to transfer files from PC to mobile instantly.

Cloud Storage


This process is only for them, who have a high-speed data connection on PC as well as mobile. Otherwise, at the end of the say, you cannot find anything. Anyway, if you have a high-speed data connection, you can easily transfer files by just downloading the same cloud storage app on your mobile and PC. After downloading and signing in using same credential, you can upload any file to the cloud storage from PC and then download that to your phone.

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Online File Transfer App


There are several online file transfer apps those work really good. For instance, you can use WeTransfer, Egnyte, ShareFile and so on. You can find free as well as premium online file transfer services those can assist you to transfer very large files easily. When you have good data connection, try these online file transfer apps instead of cloud storage. These types of transfer services can help you to share a file with friends as well.

Bottom Line

When it comes to offline file transfer, USB Cable comes first in the list. However, when it comes to online ways to transfer files from PC to mobile or vice-versa, online file transfer apps come in.

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