How to Translate Any Language in Any App in Android

This is needless to mention good things about Android as people know what is good and what is not. If you are using Android, you may already know that Google Play Store is powering up this mobile platform. On the other hand, Android is so much popular because it comes with various features. Also, whenever you face any problem, you will get the solution almost instantly. At the same time, there are several apps those can help you with anything whatever you want.

Sometime, we need to read an unknown language. For example, you are reading a travel blog and you have got some unknown language of quotes or anything else. Or, suppose, you have got some lines to text on any webpage or in any app. Obviously, you will try to understand that language or text instantly. There are several apps those can be helpful at such moments.

How to Translate Any Language in Any App in Android

For instance, if you have got any line in different language, you can simply copy that and paste that in Google Translator. Selection of language is what you need to do in order to translate any language from one to another. At the same time, you do not have to open any webpage as you can have Google Translator app, which is a standalone application for Android.

However, the problem begins when any app shows a different language. Sometime, some app developers make mistakes and include unknown language or sometime the app fails to convert the core language to your native language. There can be anything but if you are getting any issue with an unknown language, you can easily convert that right from the app. You do not have to leave the page. The same thing can happen if you are getting the same time on any webpage in Android. It doesn’t matter, whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini, you can certainly convert any language from one to another without leaving the current app.

How to Translate Any Language in Any App in Android

This is very easy and not much time consuming at all. This is possible to translate any language without leaving the current app in Android with the help of Google Translator app. Recently, Google Translator app has got an update, which will let you translate any language without leaving the currently using app. To work with this, do follow the subsequent steps.

At first, make sure that Google Translator is updated to the latest version. If you do not have this app, make sure that you have installed it. Following that, just select the text that you want to convert to another language. Here you can find TRANSLATE button.

How to translate any language in any app in Android

Hit that button. You will get the popup menu like this,

Translate any language in any app in android

That is it! This is how you can translate any language without leaving the current app in Android.

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