Unread RSS Reader is Now Available for Free for iOS [Review]

Alike Android, iOS also have a couple of originative RSS Feed reader such as Reeder 2, Faast, Feed Wrangler and so forth. Although, Feed Wrangler has an eye-catching  visual design, which is very comfy but still most of the people feel as something is missing. According to some users, this is much caustic and not up to the mark in terms of features. If you feel the same, here is a substitute to all those frivolous RSS readers.

RSS Feed Reader

Unread is really awesome and much attractive and useful RSS Feed Reader, which has been available for the iPhone since past couple of months. You might also know that it was acquired by SuperTop in the February 2014. Formerly, it was available only for iPhone 5 or iOS 7.1+. This RSS Feed reader was priced at $4.99 in the initial days. Actually, it had the correct price tag.

However, now, SuperTop has re-launched Unread for iPhone as well as iPad and you can get it at free of cost. That means, now you can use the Unread app on iPhone along with iPad. The iPad version of Unread is brand new but they have relaunched it to give the support to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users.

User Interface

The visual design is awesome and much different from other similar feed reader apps. You will get a full screen support to read your favorite blog or article. This is where it excels. Unread wants to help you to read what is most important to you by eliminating destructive elements from the screen. If you have used Feed Wrangler, Faast etc., I am sure that you haven’t got such feature. They tried to show everything and hence, they ended up with a cluttered interface. Apart from the full screen mode, it has smart typography, which is very important for longer reading.

Features of Unread

Actually, it comes with fewer features but you cannot find any useless feature included in the Unread feed reader.

Full Screen Reading

First thing is first. Unlike other RSS feed reader apps, you can get full screen reading support that could help you to view more on a single display. As you will get it on iPad as well, the reading interface would be looking great. Actually, the iPad version is far better than iPhone version of Unread.


Most of the today’s apps come with swiping. That simply means, you can have more options by swiping. He same thing is included in Unread too. You can get some options like Copy Quote, Copy URL, Email, Facebook and more others by swiping from right to left. Options will be changed according to the screen where you are swiping from. If you want to refresh the current page, just swipe from top to bottom. That’s all!

Reading Mode

Themes of Unreaad

Generally, most of the reader apps have two modes for comfortable reading. You can get those same two options i.e. Dark mode and Daylight mode in Unread as well. To activate Dark Mode, just swipe from right to left and tap on Change Theme.

Third Party Feed Reader Support

Third Party Services

You do not have to create an account for Unread since it has third party RSS Feed reader support. You supposed to have account with one of the following Feed readers;

  • Feed Wrangler
  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Fever
  • Newsblur

Swipe from right to left

Apart from those aforementioned third party apps, you can also integrate some other apps too. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pocket
  • 1Password
  • AirDrop
  • Mail
  • Safari Reading List

The sharing process is really easy on Unread since you have multiple options to use.


Although, it is now available at free of cost, but the freemium app has some restrictions. At first, you can get 50 articles per day to begin with the app. After that, you will have 3 articles per day to read. That is really awkward. You can purchase the regular version of Unread for $4.99 to lay down all the limitations.

Considering all the features, this is confirmed that Unread is really awesome and up to the mark. You can simply leave your current feed reader (if it is not Feedly).

What do you think about this reader? Do let us know.

Download Unread for iPhone | iPad

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