How Multiple People Can Collaborate On A Single YouTube Channel

Unlike Google Docs, YouTube does not support collaborative uploads by multiple people to a single YouTube channel.

There is no way more than one person or video collaborators can upload videos to the same YouTube account or channel, without knowing the login credentials of the YouTube account in question.

So how do you allow others to upload videos to your YouTube account without sharing your YouTube username and password. One example case is when your website has multiple writers and some of the posts require them to create video screencasts for your website.

One workaround here is to use a file sharing service like Dropbox. Simply ask your video collaborators to upload the video to their Dropbox account and forward you the public link. Next, download the video file on your computer and upload it back to your YouTube channel. Another workaround might be to set up a public Dropbox portal and ask the contributors to upload the video clip directly to your Dropbox account.

Sounds cool but the disadvantage here is that you have to do this manually over and over again. You have to download that big file on your computer and re-upload it on YouTube which might consume a lot of time. And when you are out on a vacation or not online, there is no way the videos can be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

A Better Way to Let Other People Upload Videos To Your YouTube Channel

Not many people are aware of YouTube’s mobile upload feature which can be a lifesaver for video bloggers  and writers who are contributing at one place or want to upload videos to the same YouTube channel, without knowing the account credentials.

Ask your YouTube channel owner to login to his account, go to “Settings” and switch to the “Mobile setup” tab. YouTube will provide a secret mobile upload email address, as shown below:


This is a unique email address which identifies only this YouTube channel. Copy this email address and save it as a contact on your email contact book.

Now comes the real fun. When you want to upload videos to this YouTube channel, all you have to do is compose a new email message and attach the video file as a mail attachment. When you are done attaching the video, enter a relevant subject line to the email message. This subject line will act as the Title of the video whereas the body of the message will act as description.

When you are done composing the message, hit the “Send” button and it’s done. Your attached video will be uploaded to the YouTube channel which is associated with this secret email address.

Congratulations, you have just uploaded a video to a YouTube channel which you don’t own and the best thing here is that the username or password is not shared at all. The only catch here is that the video file size should not exceed 25 MB, because Gmail has a limitation of the maximum attachment size

Tip: If the video file size is slightly greater than 25 MB, you can use Windows Movie maker to compress the video file and lower it’s file size.

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  1. Chupakabra says:

    Thank you.

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  3. MANOHAR REDDY says:

    How can i get to this option now ?

  4. Nikhil says:

    Useful hack but for tiny vids only. Doesn’t help when the video size is beyond 25mb.. which is majority of decent resolution videos going more than 20 seconds. It would be nice if we could put a publicly shared google drive link in the email and youtube would upload from there.

  5. Traci says:

    I can not seem to find the “Mobile setup” tab. Any advice?

  6. Philip says:

    You can move your YouTube channel to a Brand Account. Then you can add channel managers or co-owners.

  7. Bruce says:

    This functionality is no longer available by YouTube

  8. Chris says:

    Brand account solves this problem. My employer added me as a brand account administrator in their Google account. I can now switch between my own YouTube channel and theirs. Your above work around is useless and redundant.

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