How To Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch

Although Apple launched the Apple Watch a long time ago, there is no official version of WhatsApp. As WhatsApp is the best mobile-based instant messaging service, you might need it on your Apple Watch. If you are willing to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch, do check out this article to know how you can install and use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

Advantage of Using WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Let’s assume that you get a lot of messages on WhatsApp every day and you always keep your phone in your pocket. To check and reply to those messages, you need to pick it up, unlock your device and reply to them. However, if you have Apple Watch, all those hustles are not necessary since you can check your messages right on your Apple Watch. You just need to turn your wrist towards you and check the message accordingly. It is time saver tips, and every Apple Watch users should use this technique to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

How To Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch

There are two different apps that make everything possible. With the help of these two apps, you will be able to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch device. It takes hardly thirty seconds to set everything up and start running it accordingly. However, it doesn’t matter which app you use; you must have your iPhone with WhatsApp installed and connected to the valid internet connection.

WatchChat for WhatsApp

WatchChat for WhatsApp

WatchChat for WhatsApp is a pretty good application, which is compatible with Apple Watch and it allows you to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch device. It doesn’t matter which Apple Watch you have, you can certainly use it for your benefit. This is very easy to setup, and you do not have to spend a lot of time to understand the workflow. The best thing about this app is you can either scribble or use dictation to reply to the messages.

The user interface of this app is pretty good, and you should not find any problem using it for the first time as well. Another important thing is you can check HD images, play voice messages, and so on. You do not have to leave your Apple Watch to do that.

To get started, install this app on your Apple Watch through your iOS device. After that, open it on your Apple Watch. You should find a QR code. You have to scan this code with your iPhone’s camera after opening the WhatsApp Web/Desktop option.

Therefore, you will be able to check your messages and use it accordingly. One important thing is you need to wait for some time after successfully scanning the QR code. It takes a couple of moments to show all the messages. Download

IM+ Watch

IM+ Watch Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch

IM+ Watch works the same way as WatchChat for WhatsApp. In other words, you need to scan a QR code to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. The advantage of this app is you do not have to wait for that long after scanning the QR code. All the messages appear almost instantly after scanning the QR code using your iOS device. Talking about compatibility, you must have an iPhone since IM+ Watch is not compatible with iPad.

To get started with this app, install it for Apple Watch and open it on your device. On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp Web/Desktop functionality, and scan the QR code. After that, you should find all the messages on your Apple Watch screen.

If you are thinking to download it, you should know IM+ Watch is a paid app, and it costs around $2.99. Download

There are more other similar apps available for Apple Watch. But not all of them are as reliable as these are. Also, your WhatsApp account should not be banned for using these third-party apps since you are not using your account independently on Apple Watch.

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