Watch Movies Online for free: Best Android Apps

Whether it sounds legit or not but most of us love to watch movies online for free. Moreover, it brings in even a higher level of pleasure to us when we watch movies on Android for free. I know, the naysayers will smell something fishy in this idea but, I bet, it’s really hard to resist ourselves if there is a way to watch an old classic on our smart handhelds right in our home with a cup of smoking coffee. 


According to Statista, every US adult, aged between 18 to 34 years spends at least 105 minutes for streaming movies on Android per week. Added to this, for the rest of the developed countries, stats show quite similar results.


Everyone either loves to watch movies online or prefers to stream movies on Android for free. And, there are tons of imdb rated gems are available on the web and there are popular Android apps for the same. Which is why the focus of this article is to design a list of those Android apps for you to watch movies for free.

Let’s roll.

Youtube– The best app to watch movies online and on Android phones.

It’s the first and the foremost on this list. Simply, unparalleled. It should be as it’s Youtube, being a single web and Android app, owns most of the video contents, both user and company generated, that floats on the web. Statistically, over 300 hours of video content gets uploaded to Youtube every minute and more than 5 billion videos are watched per day on it. Isn’t it staggering?

Moreover, you can find full-length popular movies, documentaries, how-to videos, classroom recordings and what not. Nowadays, if you want to watch and learn anything on the web Youtube has you covered.

Tubi- Stream movies on Android for free


The Tubi team says it proudly, why torrent movies when you can watch those without investing a dime. Yes, Tubi is the largest Android and web app which streams both award-winning movies and tv series for free. Moreover, with Tubi, it’s 100% legal. Unlimited streaming. No credit card. No subscription. Simply watch thousands of tv series and movies online for free.

I bet, there are different flavors you look for in movies and tv series. Done. Tubi streams high rated imdb video contents despite being a free movie streaming app. Every week, an array of fresh video contents get added to its free streaming video stockpiles.

From comedy to drama, action to emotion and kids to anime Tubi owns a versatile hoard of movies and tv series. Watch free HD shows. Enjoy your favorite tv series on the go. With Tubi, watching movies online for free becomes a real dream.

Sony Crackle- Watch movies online with Sony


Sony Crackle is one of the best Android apps to watch movies online for free. Did I say movies?

I’m wrong.

Watch movies played by your favorite stars like Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Sean Bean, George Clooney, and others for free. This app is like a once in a lifetime gift to the world of movie lovers from Sony. Popular Hollywood movies, exclusive tv series and most of the exclusive Sony originals, you just name it. Sony Crackle got you covered.

Moreover, Sony Crackle doesn’t hurt you with old classics only. Simply, stream movies and tv originals from a colossal library of fresh and iconic video contents. Do check the Spotlight channel of Sony Crackle as it houses handpicked shows for you and never forgets to choose your best shows and put those on the ‘each later’ bundle at ease.

Has it missed anything for you? I bet, no.



This is the best app which enables you to watch movies on Android for free. According to the official team of this app, you can watch more than 700 popular films for free, instantly. Moreover, you can also watch unlimited films for free using this app on your android tab.

New feature films are added on a daily basis to the video repository and they belong to various genres. Lastly, there no limit on how many numbers of films can be watched within a stipulated time. So, this android app has all the quality to own a place on this list.

Vudu – Disc to Digital on your Android Phone


The main mantra of this Android app is- Disc to digital. Yes. You can convert movie discs into digital movies using this application right from your phone. And, all of these are just a click away from you. Moreover, you can watch the latest released movies online for free along with your Android devices before DVDs of those movies hit the market or paid streaming services start to show them.

Eventually, being a movie fanatic, this app lets you stay ahead of your friends. Enjoy thousands of latest movies in 4K UHD with Dolby vision HDR with fewer commercials. You can also rent or buy over 100,000 Tv originals and movies through this app. Lastly, with the grand scheme of things, it also supports Google chromecast.




Have you heard of Nollywood(Nigeria) and Gollywood(Ghana)? I bet, most of us haven’t heard of these movie makers. Thankfully, with this app, you can watch full-length movies originating from African nations, Spain, France and the Asian nations like Japan, China etc. Moreover, you can watch them on any device that runs on Android. Phone, tablet or Android Tv, wherever you are this single app lets you watch movies online for free.

Movies, tv shows, documentaries or else, the list is endless. Moreover, new tv series, movies and old classics here added to the database every month. Currently, the number has already crossed a staggering 5000 entries and all of these popular movies are yours to watch for free.

Lastly, this particular android app houses a bunch of rare movies and documented. Yes, you heard me right. I’m talking about golden age films. Yah, they are binge-worthy.

The list doesn’t end here. Eventually, there are popular apps which offer similar features or more. But, right now, in our eyes, these are the best Android apps to watch movies online for free. Do you have other names in your mind? Feel free to enrich us.

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