5 Best Travel Apps for Android to Explore New Places

Every 2 out of 3 people love to travel and explore new places. However, most of the people cannot travel much because of the expenses. However, you can certainly save money while traveling to a new place using some apps and online booking sites. For example, you can use these following travel apps to get a better restaurant or find new places to explore. All these following apps are available for Android, and you can use them to make a better trip plan. Sometimes they will let you find a better hotel when sometimes, you can find great places using these apps. Do check them out now.

Best Travel Apps for Android

1] Google Maps

Google Maps

It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android or iOS mobile, you can use Google Maps. It is a multi-tasker that assists users to find new places with a 360-degree view, hotels, ATM, bank, restaurant, etc. Most of the Android mobiles come with this free map app. However, you can also download it if you don’t have it right now. This is needless to mention that you can save particular location for offline use. Download

2] Google Trips

Google Trips is comparatively a newer app available for Android 4.1 and later version. You can plan your long as well as a short trip with friends. This is possible to find nearby attractions, to-dos, organize daily plans, organize entire trips, etc. with the help of Google Trips. You can also enlist your reservations, and it will let you show them based on your locations or other conditions. It is also possible to get a review of various places on this app. Download

3] TripAdvisor


It doesn’t matter whether you want to go to a short trip or a 30 days’ trip to another country, TripAdviser will always give your fruitful advice so that you can get most out of your trip. You can get genuine reviews of different places from thousands of TripAdvisor users across the globe. Just select a place and find the best hotel, restaurant, tourist places, and much more. Not only that, but you can also find flights based on your search. Download

4] Airbnb

Airbnb best travel apps for Android

Airbnb is the best alternative to TripAdvisor that is available for Android 2.3 and later version. You can get last minute deals, long term rentals, etc. Apart from that, you would be able to find the best hotel, make your tour plan, find great places near to your destination, etc. If you are going with some host, you can also contact him/her via Airbnb since it allows users to chat with them in real-time. Download

5] Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the best travel apps for Android that assists users to find the best flight, hotels as well cars. Just select the currency, category, date and time, location, etc. to find the best deals for you. The app doesn’t have a cluttered UI. Hence, you can find anything within moments. On the other hand, you can find pictures of various places to get an idea what you are about to see. Download

These travel apps for Android would certainly help you to plan a better trip. Use them correctly and get the most out of your ordinary journey.

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