5 Most Important Things about iOS 10

There is no doubt that iOS is most stable and very reliable mobile platform, which is being used by billions of people. Apple launched iOS 9.3.2 two weeks ago. However, now, if you are a beta tester or if you have secondary iOS device, you can test iOS 10 as Apple has introduced iOS 10 Beta for Developers. As of now, only developers can opt for iOS 10. In the upcoming month, all the other willing people can use iOS 10 beta. If your primary device is iPhone, this is not recommended to install iOS 10 Beta on your mobile as it can contain bugs and some features may not work properly. Nevertheless, if you have a second iPhone, you can certainly install this version without thinking twice.

5 Most Important Things about iOS 10

Before installing, you should get a brief preview of this iOS 10. You should check whether this version is suitable for you or not. Therefore, read on to learn more about this iOS version.

iOS 10

Uninstall System Apps

Previously, it was not possible to uninstall system apps of iOS devices. If you have ever used a 16GB iOS device, you may have faced problems while trying to store files, install apps and update OS. Earlier, only Cydia user could uninstall system apps. However, now you can uninstall system apps to free up space. Although, some of the system apps those are integrated deeply, cannot be removed from Home screen. However, most of the apps be deleted from your device. To get them later, you can check App Store.

Google Photos like Apple Photos

The old Photos app of iOS is not so productive except having the image viewer. Having said that, now you are about to get a Google Photos like Apple Photos on your iOS device with iOS 10, which will let you check old images by date. It will also create slideshows.

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Siri Update

A major update is going to be implemented into Siri, which is probably the best digital assistant made by Apple. Previously, Siri could search for a few certain things like Apps, Web etc. However, now Apple is giving more access to the users. Therefore, you would be able to send message to someone using Siri. The most important thing is you can integrate Siri in third party apps such as WhatsApp, Uber, Skype etc.

Android Like Lock Screen

Android has a cool feature that assists users to open camera and widgets from lock screen. You can swipe from left to right to open widgets and vice versa to open camera. Although, iOS lets you open camera from lock screen using a button but now the things are going to change with iOS 10. Now, you can open those things by swiping on lock screen, which is quite same as Android.

Check Notifications by Raising Phone

Motorola introduced Active Display feature in their Moto X mobile. However, the same thing is now available in iOS 10 devices. That means, you can check the notifications by just raising your phone. You do not even have to unlock your device to get the notifications.

There are more other things what are redesigned, enhanced or got an update. However, you have to use this version to get them all.

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