5 Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Router

Nowadays, everyone uses Wi-Fi router just to connect more than one devices to a single Internet connection. For instance, you have two computers and one mobile in your home, and you want to use the internet on all of that device. At such moment, you can just connect your home broadband connection to a Wi-Fi router and that router will start broadcasting a signal that you need to connect to your mobile and other internet-enabled devices to access the internet. However, according to many surveys, it has been confirmed that most of the attacks happened through Wi-Fi router since many people forget to secure their routers and some ethical attackers have confirmed that they target Wi-Fi router, at first to deploy an attack on any home security or computer. Therefore, here are few tips to secure your Wi-Fi router. You do not need any third party software to perform any of these following things.


Change “Admin” Username – if possible

When you setup a router for the first time, you have to enter a username called “admin,” which is the default username of almost all routers. However, this is the most common mistake that most people make. Some Wi-Fi routers allow users to change the default username, and you should change it if possible. Everyone knows your username if you haven’t changed it earlier. Therefore, this will be very easy to guess the password and log into your router setup after deploying an attack if you are using the default username.

Use Strong Password

You can find this point in every online security guide, and most of the people do not apply this point at all, which is a big mistake. You should not use your name, date of birth, your pet’s name, etc. because they are very easy to guess. Always use a minimum ten words passwords, which contains a capital letter, small letter, digit, unique character, etc. Also, do not use the same password over and over again.

Use MAC Filtering

MAC Filtering helps users to secure the router dramatically. For example, you know that your neighbour uses your Wi-Fi connection without prior permission. To block him or her from using your Wi-Fi connection, you can simply use MAC Filtering that will assist you to prevent any third person. You can enter your computer or mobile’s MAC address in the router settings panel to block other people from detecting your Wi-Fi router. There are two things you can setup with MAC Filtering. First, you can allow particular device and block others. Second, you can block particular device and allow others. Almost all Wi-Fi routers have this option, and you should make use of this option.

Reduce Wi-Fi Range

Nowadays, Wi-Fi routers are having a good range of the signal, which is not bad when your router is on the ground floor, and you want to use that from the first floor. However, if you live in a small room, this security thing needs to be applied on your router so that other people cannot get your Wi-Fi signal. If someone fails to get the Wi-Fi signal, he/she may not be able to access your router. In this way, you can also save more bandwidth. According to some sources, you can put your Wi-Fi router in a corner or under something. Also, you can play with the antenna to get things done.

Always use Latest Version of Firmware

The Wi-Fi router manufacturers release an update of your router firmware when that is required. Sometimes, you can find an update following an attack on the routers in bulk. Therefore, you should update your router’s firmware to the latest version so that you can get the patch and block the loophole that has been discovered by any attacker/s. To check the firmware update, you can check the router manufacturers’ websites and log into your Wi-Fi router once in a week.

There are many ways to secure your Wi-Fi router. However, these are most common things what can be done on any router and you should use them.

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