Android Instant Apps – Everything You Need to Know About

Android is one of the best platforms out there, which comes with thousands of free apps, games and more others. Only the official app store aka Google Play Store contains all those things in a huge amount. However, there are some more other resources those can be used as a third party app store of Android. After launching this mobile platform, Google has never looked back and this is because of having such a wonderful development. Recently, Google I/O 2016 took place and some exciting things have come out. Although, Google has launched plenty of things at the event but Android Instant Apps probably the most interesting thing what they have now own.

As the name says, this is quite tricky. However, an Android mobile user, you do not have to do anything else. All the things would be done by the respective developers, who own their apps and have it in Google Play Store. However, before getting into the development part, you should what “Android Instant Apps” is.

What is Android Instant Apps?

The workflow is very easy to understand and as a normal or first time user, you do not have to spend a lot of time to make this out. You know that there are many websites which have apps in Google Play Store. Whenever, you open that particular site, you can find the notification on the top. Sometime, a very less percentage of people show their interest to install such apps from Google Play Store after getting the notification from the browser. But, a vast majority of people do not install the corresponding app.

Android Instant Apps

Therefore, if the website’s app has enabled Android Instant Apps, the user does not have to download the app. They can use the app without installing it on their mobile. Generally, many people think of their bandwidth and hence, they skip the installation. But, Android Instant Apps is going to solve this problem dramatically.

As you do not have to install the app on your mobile, the RAM will be consumed less and hence you mobile would be running without any lagging or hanging.

Advantage of Android Instant Apps

There are several advantages of Android Instant Apps and the most important thing is both developers and users will get help from this upcoming technology of Android.

Sometime, you can find some websites, which doesn’t work properly on mobile. Although, nowadays, developers always try to develop and provide the same experience on mobile as on PC, but sometime it becomes very difficult for the developers. At such moment, they often opt for app. The dedicated app will let them provide far better user experience and all the things would be running properly in an app. However, like said before, most of the people do not download the app considering the bandwidth. So, if you are a user, you do not have to spend that much bandwidth in order to check the app as this time, you are not downloading it.

If you are a developer, your app will be used by more people and therefore, it will be popular in less time that earlier.

Disadvantage of Android Instant Apps

Although, this is not confirmed, but still we think that this problem will be occurred when developers will enable Android Instant Apps features in their respective app. The problem is will be possible to save your user data and use that for the second time as apps will be working like portable apps. Generally, portable apps do not save data like log in credential etc. If Android Instant Apps doesn’t let users save user data, users will have to spend more time to set it up according to their requirements.

So, what do you think about Android Instant Apps? This seems really useful for all kind of people.

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